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Argentinian Women Show Their “Fuerza Artística” Through Intense Protest of Femicide

The women of Latin America are on fire right now with their activism and protest as they fight not only for their rights, but for their very lives. In Argentina, a feminist arts collective demanded that the lives of women be taken seriously. **Warning: Nudity, and if you speak Spanish, there are some harsh statistics about violence against women.**

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Feminism Around the World: Peru Takes Tiniest Step Possible Toward Marriage Equality, So Yay?

In 2010, Peruvian gay rights activist Oscar Ugarteche was finally able to marry his partner of 17 years, Fidel Aroche, in Mexico City after Mexico legalized same-sex marriage. However, when he tried to register his marriage in his native country the following year through the Peruvian consulate so that he could change his marital status on his passport, his petition was denied. So, he filed a lawsuit.

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Wildlife Conservation Society Scientists Document Tapir Eden on the Peru-Bolivia Border

Tapirs may lovable in that so-ugly-they're-adorable kind of way, but the fact that they're cute as the dickens hasn't helped them avoid a spot on the endangered species list. Due to unsustainable hunting, habitat loss, and low reproductive rates, environmentalists have been pushing for tapir conservation efforts and awareness for years. Even though the tapirs' situation appears to be a dire one, there may be a glimmer of hope for the bizarre creatures after all. A team of scientists from the Wildlife Conservation Society have recently released their report in the journal Integrative Zoology on a thriving lowland tapir population on the Peru-Bolivia Border. Playing host to an estimated 145,000 of these critters, mankind may have just stumbled upon a veritable Garden of Eden -- as envisioned by the tapir, of course.

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