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This K’Nex Pinball Machine is Made of Awesome

K'Nex are an incredible set of building toys. Over the years we've seen people build amazing, surprisingly functional devices with just the stuff that comes in the box. Or a lot of boxes: It takes a lot of pieces to build a YouTube-worthy ball machine. Case in point, University of Colorado student Andrew Locke probably used thousands upon thousands of pieces when he built himself a working pinball machine entirely out K'Nex.

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“Clockwork” is the Coolest K’Nex Machine We’ve Seen Yet [Video]

Here's a riddle for you: What takes 8 months to create, has over 450 feet of track, includes over 40,000 K'Nex pieces, 8 motors, 5 lifts, 21 distinct paths, and a computer-controlled crane? Well, in this case, the answer is "Clockwork," a giant K'Nex ball machine created by intrepid YouTube user austron. This is apparently their fifth major ball machine, as well as the largest, most complex K'Nex structure they have made. Check the video out for the wild ride, with an illuminated finish.

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Man Builds Full-Size Skeeball Machine Out of K’Nex

For a number of people, K'Nex is that construction toy made up of plastic widgets and gears that they ignored during their childhood to instead focus on LEGO castles and the like. Instructables user Shadowman39 shows all of these good folks that perhaps they chose wrong with his full-size skeeball machine made out of those widgets and gears. It has everything one could ever want out of a skeeball machine, and is even coin-operated.

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DIYPorn: K’Nex Hole Puncher

Even within the burstingly creative DIY community, we might've assumed that hole punchers were effectively cool-proof. Well, we stand corrected, thanks to this K'New Hole Puncher, courtesy of  Shadowman39 and Hiyadudez.

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