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DIYPorn: K’Nex Hole Puncher

Even within the burstingly creative DIY community, we might’ve assumed that hole punchers were effectively cool-proof. Well, we stand corrected, thanks to this K’New Hole Puncher, courtesy of  Shadowman39 and Hiyadudez.

The man of shadows describes it thusly on Instructables, where he’s also provided a 16-step guide to building a K’Nex hole puncher of your own:

This cool little gadget is an essential on your desk/workplace. It is a 2-holed puncher  that is activated by pushing your hand on the top, which makes 2 perfect holes in the paper. It does this with two slightly sharpened rods. Also, there’s a little tray in the back which can hold stuff like business cards, pencils, rulers, scissors, or even lollipops.

They’ve also made a short video of the hole punch in action, making single and double holes in a few pieces of paper. You have presumably seen holes being punched by other hole punchers before, and you will see more of the same here, but it’s neat to see the K’Nex in motion.

Construction toy enthusiasts: see, also Robotic Rubik’s Cube solver made of Lego Mindstorms and a Nokia smartphone.

(via Instructables)

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