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President Obama’s “Anger Translator” Returns to Cathartically Mock GOP Trumpcare Failure With Stephen Colbert

The republican effort to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act fell apart yesterday when it was too cruel for some Republican members of the Senate and not cruel enough for others. Naturally, as the ACA was President Obama's signature piece of legislation—one Republicans gleefully attached his name to and made it their mission to erase—he has some thoughts that can only be expressed through Keegan-Michael Key's brilliant anger translator character.

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Oscar Isaac and Keegan-Michael Key to Play Shakespeare Bros Hamlet and Horatio This Summer

Previews are set to start June 20th, and the play is set to run from July 13th to September 3rd, which Deadline notes is a long run for the Public.

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Things We Saw Today: First Predator Photo Reveals Partial Cast Including Sterling K. Brown?!

When did this happen?

I haven't been paying much attention to news about The Predator, so imagine my surprise when I see This Is Us star Sterling K. Brown pop up in a cast photo.

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Things We Saw Today: Carrie Fisher’s Urn Is Shaped like a Prozac Pill; Bless Her

Always the comedian, Carrie Fisher must've requested that she be laid to rest in an urn shaped like a Prozac tablet, because that's what her family did for her.

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Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele Do Some Spot-on Translating for Obama’s Presidential Transition Politeness

This is how we'll all remember Obama's recent speeches.

For reasons we intellectually know but are still adjusting to understanding, we're soon going to have to say goodbye to President Barack Obama—at least as the leader of our nation. (He can remain Dad-in-Chief as long as he likes.) So, here are Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele on The Daily Show to do a little translating for President Obama, who's been a bit reserved while a man who disrespected him for years now needs his help succeeding his presidency.

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[VIDEO] TMS Interviews the SuperMansion Cast About Santa’s Existential Crisis and Jordan Peele’s Get Out

As part of our New York Comic-Con coverage, I hit up some of the SuperMansion cast and crew to talk about their upcoming special, "SuperMansion: The War on Christmas" which centers on Santa Claus experiencing an existential crisis after realizing he'd have to deliver so many presents in one night. We also discussed the show's interesting character names and I even got to ask Keegan-Michael Key his thoughts on Jordan Peele's horror film, Get Out.

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Key and Peele Gift the Perfect Names to Shelter Cats

Mr. Higgabonton Crumplier III. Fluffytail Whiskerface. Tuna Catserol.

Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele helped promote cat adoption, giving a few shelter cats at Tree House Humane Society some excellently chosen names.

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Things We Saw Today: We Are All This Woman Double-Fisting Pizza on a Sports Kiss Cam

I try not to say this too lightly, but I truly believe that if any one of us were put under the excruciatingly awkward spotlight of a Kiss Cam, and we had food with us, we would all be this woman double-fisting slices of pizza like there was no tomorrow.

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Let’s Watch This Absurdist Tribute to Touchdown Celebrations by Key & Peele, with Stephen Colbert

After commentating on the Super Bowl all evening with live improvisations, Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key headed over to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to revisit one of their classic sketches: the tale of McCringleberry.

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Key and Peele to Perform Live Commentary for Super Bowl as Hilarious New Characters

Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele are debuting two new characters to perform live sports commentary for the Super Bowl on Sunday.

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Keanu: Key and Peele’s Hilarious New Movie About Rescuing a Kitten (No, Seriously)

It's a red band trailer, so... NSFW language.

A new red band trailer just dropped for Key and Peele's latest project, Keanu: a bloody action movie about them rescuing a kidnapped kitten.

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First Trailer For Storks Is Vaguely Terrifying

Kelsey Grammer voices Hunter, who you see in the announcement trailer, but the film follows Andy Samberg as the top delivery stork, Junior. Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele are also on the cast.

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Key & Peele Are Making a Stop-Motion Film About Demon Brothers With Coraline Director

Wendell and Wild will be about two demon brother who face their nemesis, the nun Sister Helly and her two goth teens acolytes, Kat and Raoul.

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So Not Noice: Key & Peele‘s Fifth Season Will Be Its Last

*sad Noice*

Just as a lot of people seemed to find out how incredibly rad Key & Peele are, they've gone ahead and announced that this upcoming fifth season of their hit show will be their last.

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Key and Peele Proves That You Don’t Have to be Female to be a Feminist

"It's the worst thing ever ALL THE TIME!"

We've talked about female comedians like Broad City's Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, or Amy Schumer with relation to feminism, but it isn't only lady comics looking to make the world a more equal, feminist place. Keegan Michael Key and Jordan Peele of the eponymous Key & Peele have been doing feminist and LGBT-inclusive comedy for years, and they recently released three additional sketches that get feminism down, and give me hope for the future of comedy.

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Pacifists Face Off: Gandi Takes On Martin Luther King Jr. In Epic Rap Battle

When two dead historical figures have a beef with one another, the only way to settle it is through an epic rap battle. Thankfully, there's a whole YouTube channel dedicated to just such resolutions. When we last checked in on the Epic Rap Battles of History channel, we saw Snoop Lion rapping as Moses to settle the score against Santa Claus. Now we have Keegan-Michael Key as Gandhi up against Jordan Peele's Martin Luther King Jr. It does in fact get pretty epic, but it also gets a little NSFW for some language.

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