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Top Three Editors Leaving Joystiq

Three of Joystiq's top editors are leaving the venerable video games blog. Still one of the Internet's bastion of credible, entertaining video games journalism, Joystiq probably won't miss much of a beat, though Justin McElroy, Griffin McElroy and Chris Grant will be sorely missed. Grant is leaving Joystiq to found a new site under Vox Media, its video games vertical, under which the The Verge recently launched. The McElroys, who you may know from the My Brother, My Brother and Me podcast, have not yet stated where they're going, though the timing of the three departures would suggest that they may be joining Grant under Vox Media.

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Actually, Mark Wahlberg Might Not Ruin the Uncharted Movie After All

A while back, it was a very sad day. Mark Wahlberg took it upon himself to announce a few adaptation-murdering details regarding the Uncharted movie, which included himself cast as the lead of Nathan Drake, and the addition of Nathan's father and uncle, who haven't even made an appearance in the video game series (so far, not counting the theory that Sully, Nathan's older partner-in-crime, is related to Nathan in some way). Well, it turns out there's been a few developments regarding what once seemed to be concrete details, in that, thankfully, said details may not be so concrete, including a video of a fan personally petitioning David O. Russell, the film's director, to nix Mark Wahlberg in place of Nathan Fillion. Read on past the break for details that might make you feel a bit better about the fate of Nathan Drake's Hollywood appearance.

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Geekolinks: 11/7

Geekolinks: 10/31: Halloween Edition

The Demon Hunter: Diablo III’s Final Player Character Class

From the mouth of Blizzcon itself: the newest and final player character class for Diablo III is the Demon Hunter. It should come in handy for, you know. Hunting all those demons. The Demon Hunter completes the group of five classes rounding out Blizzard Entertainment's long awaited sequel to a sequel, alongside wizard, monk, barbarian and witchdoctor. The game will also receive all features that one would associate with a modern online game, like PVP arena play. Previews of both the class and the arenas it will battle in are up on the official Diablo website. Of course, everyone and their mom is trying to watch them, so you might want to wait until things die down enough for the spice streaming video to flow. (story and picture via Joystiq's liveblog.)

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Geekolinks: 10/17

There Is A Minecraft Social Network Site: Minecraftr

It's no secret that Minecraft is extremely awesome and ridiculously popular, however, even though the game has a multiplayer feature, it doesn't have any kind of conglomerated community where everyone can meet and play together all at once, akin to an MMO. Minecraftr, a social network site where Minecraft players can meet up and socialize, is attempting to rectify this.

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Somebody Made Flower in LittleBigPlanet 2

Yes, a beta tester for the upcoming sequel to LittleBigPlanet took the game's level creating options and fashioned a side-scrolling platformer featuring burlap homunculi into a 3D game controlled by tilting the Sixaxis where the player is a mote of light. Godspeed LBP 2 beta testers! We look forward to joining you next year. (via Joystiq.)

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Geekolinks: 10/10

Geekolinks: 10/9

Cute Video Game Overload

Could there possibly be something cuter and cuddlier than a bouncing sackperson? Well, maybe a Kirby made of yarn. (via Joystiq and GameRant with apologies to the one and only.)

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Geekolinks: 9/26

Today in Close Calls: A Prince of Persia Reboot Almost Took Place in Modern Times

A former Ubisoft employee, Jonathan Jacques-Belletête, revealed to Xbox World 360 in an interview that Ubisoft considered a reboot for their esteemed Prince of Persia franchise that took place in a modern setting. Thankfully, they scrapped the idea.

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Nintendo Makes A Real Wiimote: The Wii Remote Plus

The general consensus from gaming media after the release of the Wii MotionPlus accessory has been favorable. The only problem, most would agree, is that the little addon's superior motion tracking abilities weren't packaged with the standard Wiimote from launch. Why put out a control system based on motion tracking when the motion tracking isn't really good enough to chart one-to-one movements? Well, there's good news and bad news. The good news is, Nintendo is making a Wii Remote Plus, a wiimote (seriously, why is this word not the official jargon yet?) with the MotionPlus capabilities built in. The bad news is that you're going to have to buy it all over again.

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Geekolinks: 9/19

Geekolinks: 9/11

Geekolinks: 9/9

Former Zynga Employee Says Company is Evil

A former employee of Zynga, creator of the extremely popular Facebook game FarmVille, has spoken out against the company, claiming the company's motto is "Do evil," a parody of Google's "Don't be evil" motto.

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GameInformer’s Bioshock Infinite Themed Covers

During a panel at PAX this weekend, GameInformer revealed the three variant covers that will grace their next issue. They are all beautifully done period pieces focused on Bioshock Infinite characters and elements like the Murder of Crows, The Handyman, skyhooks, the heroine Elizabeth, and the creature known only as Him.

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Duke Nukem Forever Revealed at PAX

A bizarre but telling confluence of events has lead to the conclusion that 2k Games (subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive, the company that famously sued the creators of Duke Nukem, 3D Realms, for not making Duke Nukem Forever) will be showing Duke Nukem Forever in some capacity today at the Penny Arcade Expo. The Duke Nukem sequel saga is the games industry's most famous example of vaporware, a game that languishes in development with great anticipation until finally fading into the ether for any of various reasons. In the case of Duke Nukem Forever, fans have been waiting for thirteen years. But we mentioned a bizarre confluence of events?

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