There Is A Minecraft Social Network Site: Minecraftr

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It’s no secret that Minecraft is extremely awesome and ridiculously popular, however, even though the game has a multiplayer feature, it doesn’t have any kind of conglomerated community where everyone can meet and play together all at once, akin to an MMO. Minecraftr, a social network site where Minecraft players can meet up and socialize, is attempting to rectify this.

Taking a cue from every other social site in existence and throwing an “r” at the end of the name, Minecraftr provides all the basic social networking functions, such as friends lists, status feeds, community polls, groups, chat, and even event planning.

Though the site is fairly awesome for Minecraft players, it’s pretty much what’s expected from a social network site, except now all those solo spelunkers don’t have to be so lonely as they have humongous holes blown into the side of their brick houses from creepers. Bricks that took them hours and hours of sailing sandy coasts in order to find a modicum of clay to craft into brick. Clay that got them lost and killed a countless amount of times because boats have a difficult time not crashing into the shore.

(via Joystiq)

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