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A Neural Network Gifts Us With New Dungeons & Dragons Creatures Like Vampire Bear, Walfablang, and Meme Ball

Janelle Shane has done it again, this time training a neural network to produce some amazing Dungeons & Dragons monster names.

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From “Fancy My Hero” to “Tweet up Bat,” This Neural Network Wrote the Only Candy Heart Messages Fit for 2018

Researcher Janelle Shane, whose work with neural networks we've covered before, is at it again. This time, she tried to train a neural network to create its own candy heart messages.

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A Neural Network Invents D&D Spells, and Decides “Dave” Is the Most Magical Name Of All

Research scientist Janelle Shane has trained a neural network to generate Dungeons & Dragons spells, with wonderful results like Curse Clam, Dance of Sack, Poxsare, and Cursing wink.

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Our Robot Overlords Will Give Guinea Pigs The Best and Cutest Names

Research scientist Janelle Shane gave a neural network hundreds of guinea pig names, and the network came up with some of its own: Buzzberry, Spockers, Mumkle...and Bho8otteeddeeceul?

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This Neural Network Hilariously Does Not Understand What Humans Like to Eat

Whole Chicken Cookies.

A year ago, scientist Janelle Shane made a post on Tumblr detailing the wacky food names her neural network was generating after she fed it a healthy diet of cookbooks. The post has seen a viral surge of popularity and coverage, and in true 2017 Internet fashion, people are identifying as one delicacy or another. Tag yourself—I'm "Crimm Grunk Garlic Cleas."

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