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Watch the Jamaican Bobsled Team’s Weird 8-Bit Music Video Because Real Life Is Now Cool Runnings

Feel the rhythm! Feel the rhyme!

Were you upset after watching Cool Runnings to find out that the movie took massive liberties and only really based on a true story in the sense that, yes, Jamaica had a bobsled team ? Don't worry, this year's Jamaican bobsled team has you covered, and they've even got a weird bobsled song complete with its own 8-bit music video.

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The Jamaican Bobsled Team Has Their Luggage Back, Sings “I Shot The Sheriff”

It's actually been a really tough few days for bobsledders in Sochi, it's starting to get weird.

You may have been seeing some stories online about how the Jamaican Bobsled team's luggage was lost in transit to Sochi. But have no fear, fans of Cool Runnings, underdog stories, and wonderfully-adorable bobsledders: the team has been reunited with their luggage and their training is back on track.

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Update: Dogecoin Fans On Reddit Raised $30,000 For The Jamaican Bobsled Team

Much cool. Very runnings.

The Jamaican bobsled team needs help to raise $80,000 so they can participate in the Sochi Winter Olympics. "Dogecoin" is a ridiculous cryptocurrency based on the popular "doge" meme, in which shiba inu dogs misspell things in colorful comic sans font. It only makes sense that these thing would eventually overlap. This is, after all, the Internet.

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Cool Runnings 2: Jamaican Bobsled Team Crowdfunding Their Way To Sochi [UPDATED]

But who will play John Candy?!

They walk Jamaican, talk Jamaican - and they sure as hell bobsled Jamaican. Yes, Cool Runnings fans, the Jamaican bobsled team has finally is bringing back the glory days, and has qualified for the Sochi Winter Olympics! Unfortunately, it's going to take a lot of money to get them there - and that's where you come in.

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5,000 Beer Can Sound System Is Completely Functional

As a part of Red Stripe’s “Make Something Out of Nothing” campaign, Japanese designer Yuri Suzuki and Mathew Kneebone joined forces to make this crazy sound system out of 5,000 actual Red Stripe cans. As you may be aware, Red Stripe is a Jamaican beer and DIY sound systems are actually a fairly relevant part of Jamaican culture. Many reggae bands from the island don't have the money to get a real sound system and instead cobble together something makeshift. That's what inspired Red Stripe to commission this very Jamaican sound system made out of very Jamaican beer cans.

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