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Comet ISON Went out in a Blaze of Glory, NASA Investigating Its Remnants

Giant balls of ice should probably steer clear of the sun. Just saying.

Something has survived comet ISON's close brush with the sun — in a good and non-ominous way. When ISON's orbit passed extremely close to the sun on Thanksgiving, no one was sure if it would survive, and for a little while it completely disappeared. Eventually, something emerged on the other side, and NASA is still trying to figure out what.

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Watch Comet ISON Reach Its Closest Distance to the Sun on Thanksgiving with NASA’s Media Site

NASA is getting all space-paparazzi on ISON.

Thanksgiving is make-or-break day for ISON, literally. It will reach its closest distance to the sun, and we'll find out whether it will survive or be ripped apart completely. NASA has assembled a media website aimed at providing "near real-time" photos and videos of the comet, since it's only visible from Earth at early morning hours.

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Watch the “Countdown to Comet ISON” Live Google+ Hangout, Have All Your Comet Questions Answered [Updated]

ISON came all the way from space for you. The least you could do is attend its hangout.

Comet ISON should be at its brightest this month as it draws nearer to the sun, and you can get all your questions about how best to view and photograph it answered in a live Google+ Hangout by Astronomy Magazine and Discover Magazine editors. We'll post the stream here when Countdown to Comet ISON begins at 3:00PM EST.

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Comet ISON Could Give Us a Pretty Good Light Show, If the Sun Doesn’t Tear It Apart

Maybe the sun is just jealous of other balls of light in the sky?

The comet ISON has been hurtling around the sun for over 4 billion years, and on Thanksgiving, it will get so close to the sun that it temperature will reach 5,000 degrees, which is hot enough to melt iron. At that distance, it will also be exposed to the sun's powerful tidal forces, which may rip the relatively small comet apart completely.

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