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[UPDATED] #YouOKSis Highlights Need for Intersectionality in Anti-Harassment Campaigns

"I feel like black women's voices are not always amplified. And I feel it's my responsibility to do that."

In an interview with Noah Berlatsky over at The Atlantic, social worker, activist, and writer Feminista Jones discussed the narratives built around street harassment and the need for a hashtag like #YouOKSis.

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Amy Schumer: The Daily Show, The Bachelorette, and Why She Should Embrace Intersectionality in Her Feminism

Full disclosure: I love me some Amy Schumer. I think she's hilarious, and when she delivers her material through a feminist lens, it can be amazing. That said, it can also be problematic.

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YouTuber AkilahObviously Uses Different Flavors of Pizza to Explain Intersectional Feminism

"As great as it is to uplift cheese pizzas, the world could use a lot more flavor."

Intersectional feminism is the feminism we should all strive to practice - but what does that mean? YouTuber AkilahObviously has outlined it in this new video where she uses an analogy of burgers and pizzas to explain.

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Pay Attention To This Gloria Steinem Quote About Black Women Inventing The Feminist Movement

Let it never be said that feminist icon Gloria Steinem is complicit in "white feminism." No one's feminism is perfect, of course, but Steinem said something pretty crucial at Black Enterprise's Women Of Power Summit about the importance of black women to the feminist movement.

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