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Hans Zimmer Won Coachella With This Inception Medley

Accompanied by a live orchestra, Zimmer performed songs from InceptionPirates of the Caribbean, and The Dark Knight.

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Inception on Elm Street, a Wickedly Clever Nolan/Craven Mashup

The dream realm is not something to be trifled with.

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Incept Out: The Inception and Inside Out Mashup Trailer

-BWAAANG chord-

Chicago-born digital filmmaker Nelson Carvajal has put together a mash-up of Inception and Inside Out. The mash-up features Inside Out moments set to Zack Hemsey’s “Mind Heist” to give the movie a very different tone.

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Doctor Who Recap: “Last Christmas”


In which Doctor Who is several other things nerds like.

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A Mom Explains Inception Like Only a Mom Can to Our Infinite Amusement

I, too, thought Matt Damon was great in this movie.

Movies retold by mom may be the single most relatable concept on YouTube. Poor Leo. Hey, he was great in those Bourne movies!

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Here Is A Dog That Snores Just Like The Inception Score


Have you ever found yourself thinking, "Yeah, things are good - but they'd be way better if I had my own dramatic soundtrack?" Like, if the music from Pacific Rim or Skyrim just trailed you everywhere? If so, maybe consider investing in a dog like this one, whose snores perfectly capture the infamous BRAAHM sound from Hans Zimmer's Inception score.

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Stan Lee Teams up with HISHE, Solves Star Wars, Batman Begins, and Inception


There's going to be a point in this where you think: but that's not even the ending of a movie! Just wait. (via /Film.)

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10 Good Guys Who Are Major-League Jerks

Power Grid

Sometimes good guys are actually "good" guys. They treat people well, they help old ladies across the street, their good intentions are matched by their positive (not necessarily chipper or anything, but at least nice) personality. And sometimes good guys are just jerks.

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Great, More Things We Want to Own: Awesome Original Poster Art of Some of Our Favorite Movies

Almost Totally Excellent

Sometimes, the posters for our favorite movies just don't match the things they make us feel. They're too glossy, too obviously airbrushed, maybe they feature the faces of the actors a little (or a lot) more prominently than they do any actual idea of the movie. This is precisely what makes this poster art by artist Adam Rabalais so cool. The volume itself is impressive; the quality even more so. Click through the jump to see some of our favorites.

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Take a Look Behind the Scenes of Some Classic Films

i'll just leave this here

As the saying goes, "a picture can say a thousand words." This is especially true when we've already had entire movies made surrounding the topics of said pictures, and thus thousands of words pre-associated with them. Nevertheless, these pictures from behind the scenes of some of the past century's most memorable films still find more to say all by their lonesome selves. 

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Famous Sci-Fi Scenes Painted As 16th Century Ottoman Miniatures

Today in Awesome

In what amounts to be the coolest thesis project ever, Istanbul artist Murat Palta depicted scenes from popular Western  films using classic motifs from 16th century Ottoman miniatures, including a lot of moments from our  favorite science fiction classics. Hit the jump to marvel at his art/mourn the mediocrity of your thesis in comparison!

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What If Christopher Nolan Made a James Bond Movie With Michael Fassbender? [Video]

Consider the Following

Just an idea to run by all of you, as we find ourselves in the midst of a very busy and exciting summer of gigantic movies, including Prometheus and the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises. Throw in a little Marvel magic, a little more Christopher Nolan, put the spotlight on Michael Fassbender, and choose a different franchise -- Bond. James Bond. Now, imagine a 007 origin story starring Fassbender, directed by Nolan. Does the trailer above come anywhere close? I'll let you make that call. Keep in mind: Daniel Craig might be vacating the Bond role... (via Movieline)

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Cinema Alternatif: Movies From a Parallel Earth

All this has happened before...

I'll say right now that I would totally watch a badly cut together remake of Avatar that uses color-shifted clips from Star Trek, West Side Story, and The Longest Day, and laugh and laugh. This poster, like those that come after it, cut right to the heart of a cinematic time period and the taste of Hollywood at the time, to point out that if this story had shown up in that era, William Shatner would totally have gotten his way into a blue girl's pants, and no better blue girl than the one who Hollywood already considered to be an virginal all-American sweetheart capable of passing for an ethnicity she clearly was not. Venture on with us, into movies that never happened... except in the other leg of the Trousers of Time.

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6 Movie Posters That Think Outside-The-Box

eye candy

Movie posters tend to fall in the same, boring design scheme. The stars looking off into the distance or a simple logo with a lame tagline. What we wouldn't give for Hollywood to search the internet and hire some folks who really know how to design with inspiration. Here are a few such examples. 

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10 Drug Fueled Geek Adventures

Power Grid

Drugs. Who doesn’t like drugs? They can do somany things for your story. Your. Story. It can be a MacGuffin! A metaphor for religion! For fossil fuels! A statement on our increasingly medicated society! A lampshade hung on the question of how your characters stay awake all the time! A way of giving a certain character an emotionally revelatory experience! For your amusement, we present our ten (utterly subjectively chosen) favorite drug fueled geek adventures.

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The Rise of the Empire, the Fall of Vader and the Victory of the Rebellion… As Told by Charlie Chaplin

For A More Civilized Age

I bet you didn't think that you'd find a Star Wars/Inception/Charlie Chaplin mashup today that would almost make you cry. But here we go. Footage from The Empire Strikes Back and Clone Wars, music from Inception, and audio from the immortal The Great Dictator. We highly recommend it. Stick it out to the end. Watch this. (via Big Shiny Robot.)

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Watch Inception In One Minute, as Told By Fans

And Fansplosions Abound

Will we ever get tired of Inception related videos? No not never ever ever never ever never ever ever. Oh, also there are a million million spoilers in this video. Vancouver's Virgin Radio 95.3 Fake Film Festival recently invited people to submit compressed, fan-made versions of well-known films. Considering most of the contestants did not have access to the A-list actors and millions of dollars worth of special effects, what they made was, at the very least, pretty entertaining. Our favorite part of this Inception summary is the depiction of the slow-motion van drop sequence, mixed with their version of Joseph Gordon-Levitt floating around the hotel. And the children! The children. To watch more compressed film entries (Including Back to the Future), go here. (via Mental Floss)

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An Inception Reception

Elsewhere on the internet

INCEPTION / RECEPTION from Loyd Calomay Films on Vimeo. You must watch this video to the 1:30 second mark at least. Just trust us. And in case you wonder, while making your way through the video, yes this was somebody's real wedding video, yes they did arrive at their reception by helicopter. (via Jezebel.)

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10 Places You Should Not Take Your Daughter On Take Your Daughter To Work Day

Power Grid

This Thursday, April 28th, 2011, take your son or daughter to work with you. ...but not if you work in any of the following places.

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Things We Saw Today: New Steampunk Star Wars Figures

Things We Saw Today

Here are just the latest interpretations of what the Star Wars cast would look like if they were battling the Sith in 1945. Although, Star Wars already takes place a "long time ago," but I guess in that "galaxy far, far away," things were more advanced than they were on Earth. (At Bit Rebels)

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