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Things We Saw Today: We Can’t Get Over This Amazing High School Production of Alien

Plus Us, Scooby Doo and more!

The North Bergen High School Drama Club in Bergen, New Jersey blew our minds with a ridiculously cool production of the classic 1979 film.

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[Updated] Unacceptable: Arizona School’s Policy of Shaming Struggling Students Will Only Make Things Worse

This is not how you treat students.

"High school is hard enough. Students like my daughter should not be publicly shamed for falling behind academically."

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We’re Furious About This Tennessee Assistant Principal Saying “Girls Ruin Everything”

If you think it's a joke, you're not funny.

It is a truth universally acknowledged by the patriarchy that once school is back in session, there will be new rules about dress codes that are aimed at punishing young women because apparently young men (and their male teachers) cannot control themselves when they see shoulders or knees or anything.

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This High School Dress Code PSA Managed to Simultaneously Sexualize & Shame Teenage Girls

A Texas principal has apologized for producing and releasing a dress code PSA that went viral after one student posted the video online. The video features a number of teenage girls, most of them in long t-shirts and short shorts, but a few in crop tops or other presumptive dress code violations.

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A High School Student Was Forced to Wear Band-Aids on Her Breasts for a Dress Code Violation

A high school student was forced to put bandaids over her breasts for going bra-less, which the school called a distraction and dress-code violation.

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The Fight Against Gendered Dress Codes Is Finally Making Progress Now That Men & Boys Are Complaining

When men & boys complain of being hot or uncomfortable, no one assumes their real aim is to sexualize themselves or distract women and girls from their work and studies. They're not told their physical comfort is going to detract from the needs of others. They just–get this–are listened to.

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Choosing Boys’ Delicate Sensibilities Over Girls’ Education: The Never-Ending War on Bra Straps & School Dress Codes

Summer weather's heating up, which means we can be sure of one thing: That high school girls everywhere are having some bullsh*t encounters over their school's dress code. There are a lot of things I don't miss about middle and high school, but trying to wear a dang tank top in peace in not one of them.

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Girl Turned Away From Prom For Wearing Tux Gets Invite to Guest on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Obviously, it doesn't completely erase the gender bias in the dress code at Aniya's school--or the larger problem non-comforting young adults so often face while merely trying to live their lives--but it's a heartwarming reminder than there are people out there who are willing to extend a hand in some way. And now, we can wait for what will surely be a stylish cameo from Aniya on It's Always Sunny!

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XKCD Creator Randall Munroe Making Content For High School Textbooks

XKCD creator and former NASA roboticist Randall Munroe is bringing his comics and digital animations to the high school classroom.

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High School Student Asked to Kneel Before Principal to Have Her Dress Measured

In what is perhaps the most stunning case of irony (plus complete and utter grossness), a principal at Edmonson County High School in Kentucky forced a teenager to kneel in front of him in order to ascertain if she was in breach of school dress code.

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California Finds Its Very First Trans Cheerleader

Though there are a small handful of trans cheerleaders across the country, Anry Fuentes is the first in her county--and quite possibly all of California.

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High School Found Guilty of Discriminating Against Transgender Student

In restricting a transgender student's access to the girl's locker room, a high school outside Chicago has been found guilty of discrimination.

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Trans Teen Elected Homecoming Queen Amid Accusations of Rigged Voting

Trenton Central High School crowned its first trans homecoming queen, Jae Irizarry, this past Friday. Not long after that, a story comes out in the local paper, The Trentonian, saying that the "vote was a fraud."

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Chicago School Acknowledges They’re Breaking Federal Law to Discriminate Against Trans Student

A Chicago school has apparently willingly acknowledged that they're breaking federal laws in continuing to discriminate against a trans student.

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Ahmed Mohamed Drops the Mic on Old High School, Says No to Going Back

We hope you find a way better school, Ahmed. You're better than that noise.

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Teen Girl’s Yearbook Quote Extols Feminism, Fights for LGBTQ+ Rights, Basically Saves Humanity

Who says there's no hope for our youth?

Every generation likes to look at their youth and talk about how much worse they are than we were "in the Good Ol' Days." How they "don't care" about the world around them. Well, just one look around at our young people today, and you can find plenty of examples of teens who can see beyond cool clothes or the latest Jenner sibling Instagram post. Teens like Caitlyn Cannon.

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The Mary Sue Interview: ChickTech Founder Talks Helping Women & Girls Reach Their Full Potential

"I started ChickTech to give girls and women the support and sense of belonging that I didn’t have when I was a computer engineer."

I recently had the chance to sit down with Janice Levenhagen-Seeley, the founder of ChickTech, a national nonprofit whose headquarters are in Portland, Oregon. ChickTech is dedicated to retaining women in the technology workforce and increasing the number of women and girls pursuing technology-based careers. They are currently running an Indiegogo campaign to raise the funds to expand into more cities and we spoke to Levenhagen-Seeley about it all.

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Teen Uses 3D Printer to Redesign His Wheelchair for Class Project

Wow, high school got cool.

Sixteen-year-old Mohammad Sayed, a student at Cambridge's experimental high school NuVu, initially wanted to "make a wheelchair that flies and go under water" for a class project. “But [my teacher] said we need to start small and then go big.”

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High School Cancels Performance of Spamalot For “Inappropriate Content” (aka A Wedding Of Two Men)

But what about the curtains???

No doubt the theater nerds at South Williamsport Junior Senior High School in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania were excited to learn that they'd be performing the hit musical Spamalot next spring, because if there's one thing I remember from being a high school theater nerd, it's that there's a lot of Monty Python overlap there. Well, too bad, nerds! You're not allowed. No more singing from the diaphragm-a-lot for you.

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Chemistry Joke Could Keep High School Student From Walking at Graduation

It wasn't even a good chemistry joke.

Soon-to-be high school graduate Paris Gray tried to slip a chemistry joke into her school's yearbook, and it could cost her the chance to walk at graduation. I hate to say it, but as Geekosystem's resident weird old dad, I think maybe it should.

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