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Be Careful Who You Make Fun of in High School, They Might End Up Being Michael B. Jordan

Michael B. Joran at the Creed III premiere

Growing up is hard. Most of us have all been through the pain of being made fun of in school for one thing or another and celebrities, they’re just like us! Growing up with a name like Michael (B.) Jordan in the late 80s and 90s probably wasn’t easy but now Jordan is known worldwide as a superstar and one of People Magazine’s Sexiest Men Alive. Still, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t remember those who made fun of him growing up.

If you ever look back at those who got teased in school and see where they are now, you probably know that those kids went on to bigger and better things. Or at least that’s the trope that movies and television programs show us. But for Jordan, that does seem to be the case.

A reporter named Lore’l from The Morning Hustle went to the premiere of Creed III and spoke with Jordan on the red carpet, pointing out that they knew each other growing up. Before she could continue, Jordan made it clear that he remembered her, saying “Oh yeah, the corny kid, right?”—a reference to what his fellow school kids apparently called him as they made fun of him and his name when he was in high school.

And god if that’s not the dream of anyone who got made fun of. If you don’t relate to Michael B. Jordan in this case, congrats! You were a popular kid. But for those of us who did get made fun of by our classmates, there’s something special about this interaction that really does make it hilarious to see. Jordan was a class act throughout the entire interview, answering all the questions that Lore’l asked of him, and moving on.

But it was still funny to see just what looking at someone who made fun of you years later would actually look like and … it’s hilarious!

It’s my Scorpio dream

Look, teasing is a part of growing up whether we like it or not. I had glasses and freckles and was chubby. I could list all the ways those kids made jokes about me that impacted how I viewed myself and my dream is for them to want to talk to me because of my success and I get to remind them how they treated me. Watching Jordan clearly recognize Lore’l and use the tease that the kids in high school used against him back at her? You could tell he still remembers those who bullied him and what they said.

The entire situation seems playful and shows Jordan’s class when he clearly still remembers what the kids from school used to say and has moved on to bigger and better things. But seeing him mess with those who made fun of him at school? That’s pretty funny. And who doesn’t want to have this moment with those who teased them growing up? It’s my dream scenario, at least.

As always, Jordan seemed to still be ready and willing to laugh it off and answer questions that were asked of him. But still, beware who you make fun of, they could end up being Michael B. Jordan.

(Featured image: Carol Lee Rose/FilmMagic)

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