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Harrison Ford Crashes a Wedding, At Least It’s Not Another Plane

Is anyone else worried about Harrison Ford? Because I'm worried about Harrison Ford.

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Helicopter Pilot Stages Daring and Adorable Deer Rescue [Video]

A mother deer and her fawn became stranded on the ice of a frozen lake in Antigonish Harbour, Nova Scotia, and the situation looked dire. The deer struggled to stand and repeatedly fell back to the ice and appeared to be getting exhausted. The Department of Natural Resources was called, but the ice was too thin to safely go out after the animals. That's when DNR pilot David Farrell flew in to save the day. He carefully piloted a helicopter above the ice and used the air pressure from the rotors to blow the deer safely back to shore. The video is pretty impressive.

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Thought-Controlled Quadrotor Helps Handicapped, Confirms We Live in Future

Surely, there are folks out there that have long wished to fly a helicopter purely through the power of their mind. Thanks to researchers at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China, we as a people are one step closer to making this dream a reality. They have developed a thought-controlled quadrotor that interprets brain activity as commands in order to fly around. The commands available are only limited by what kind of brain activity scientists can pick up, and the movements that the quadrotor can make.

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Gamera II Breaks Human-Powered Helicopter Flight Record

Whatever you happened to do this past week likely doesn't match up to the students from the Clark School of Engineering at University of Maryland that broke their own record for human-powered helicopter flight. The helicopter in question, the Gamera II, relies entirely on human-power from a series of pedals for flight and was flown for 50 seconds. Considering that there's a $250,000 prize on the line this suddenly seems a lot more impressive.

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First Manned Multicopter Takes Flight, Looks Like a Complete Deathtrap

You've been waiting with bated breath, and finally, it has happened: The first manned multicopter flight. What does this mean for the future of aviation? Pretty much nothing, but you can't say it isn't impressive. The intention behind a multicopter is to create a propeller-powered flying craft with the ability to hover -- okay, a helicopter -- and move the pilot or passenger from a relatively logical and safe position beneath the blades, to an absolutely insane and dangerous position among them. A worthwhile endeavor if ever there was one, right?

What's more, while this little trip was manned, the lunatic in the seat there wasn't even the pilot, apparently. For one minute and thirty seconds, he sat twiddling his thumbs while his buddy, who he must literally trust with his life, piloted the drone by remote control from the ground. Thankfully, nothing went wrong, so the video of the event is impressive, not horrifying. Check after the jump to see it.

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Get a Shave From a Helicopter! [Video]

Bored? Have a helicopter? Why not open an ice-cold drink and give your buddy a shave using your hovering vehicle! (via Flight Global)

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Sneaky Helicopter is Sneaky: Eurocopter’s Blue Edge

This wicked looking scythe of a rotor blade belongs to Eurocopter's new initiative to create a quieter, less noise polluting helicopter. Called the Blue Edge, its distinctive shape makes a helicopter quieter by 3 or 4 decibels (remember that the decibel scale is a logarithmic one, so this is a bigger difference than it might seem). Eurocopter's new blades also use flaps on their trailing edges that pulse 15 to 40 times a second.

Wired says:

Both of these technologies are able to reduce noise by minimizing the blade-vortex interaction of the main rotor on a helicopter. Blade-vortex interaction is the source of the pulsating sound most of us are familiar with when helicopters fly overhead. The noise is created when a rotor blade hits the wake vortex left behind from the blade in front of it.

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