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First Manned Multicopter Takes Flight, Looks Like a Complete Deathtrap

You’ve been waiting with bated breath, and finally, it has happened: The first manned multicopter flight. What does this mean for the future of aviation? Pretty much nothing, but you can’t say it isn’t impressive. The intention behind a multicopter is to create a propeller-powered flying craft with the ability to hover — okay, a helicopter — and move the pilot or passenger from a relatively logical and safe position beneath the blades, to an absolutely insane and dangerous position among them. A worthwhile endeavor if ever there was one, right?

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What’s more, while this little trip was manned, the lunatic in the seat there wasn’t even the pilot, apparently. For one minute and thirty seconds, he sat twiddling his thumbs while his buddy, who he must literally trust with his life, piloted the drone by remote control from the ground. Thankfully, nothing went wrong, so the video of the event is impressive, not horrifying.

(via Engadget)

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