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It’s Alan Moore’s Birthday, and He’d Like Your Help With Something [Video]

It is a gift!

So, today is Alan Moore's birthday, and you might be thinking to yourself, "What can I do for Alan Moore on his birthday?" Well, here is one thing: support the effort to get a memorial built to commemorate the late cartoonist/curmudgeon Harvey Pekar in his hometown of Cleveland Heights, Ohio. We urge you to spend the next few minutes listening to the creator of V for Vendetta and Watchmen tell you exactly why Pekar deserves such a monument. And if you do, help out, Alan Moore might even talk to you (via video conference or maybe even in person)! More information can be found on the Kickstarter page, where fundraising is still going on for the next 16 days and they are less than $1,500 short of their $30,000 goal. (via Estate of Harvey L. Pekar on Vimeo)

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Things We Saw Today: Alternate Universe Kim Possibles

Things We Saw Today

DeviantArtist EastCoastCanuck has created a wonderful piece depicted Kim Possible in well, all possible alternate universes. From left to right: Gokim The Super Saiyan (GBZ), Kimtos The Goddess of War (God of War), Kim Yagami (Death Note), Kim Jordan (Green Lantern), Kimora The Keybearer (Kingdom Hearts), Kimthor The Norse Goddess of Thunder (Marvel) and her male version Zim Possible! Also check out the second one featuring Batkim (DC Comics), Kim Widow (Marvel), Kimyx Vance (VALVe), Sailor Kim (Toei Animation), Spiderkim (Marvel), Kim Lockheart (Square Enix) and Ron as Robin-Ron (DC). Think that's enough awesome for one day? No way! Check out what else we saw today... 

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Harvey Pekar Died from Accidental Antidepressant Overdose

Three months after indie comics legend Harvey Pekar was found dead at his home in Cleveland Heights, the coroner’s results have come in, and it appears that Pekar died due to an accidental overdose on two antidepressants. The coroner stressed that the 70-year-old’s death was accidental. Cleveland Plain-Dealer: “He did not take his own life,” […]

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R.I.P. Harvey Pekar: ‘American Splendor’ & ‘Curmudgeon,’ Mentor & Friend

As far as birthday presents go, I’ve gotten better. An hour ago I received an email from artist Molly Crabapple. “Just heard about Harvey. I'm so so sorry Malice. Damn.” Tense, I checked the Wikipedia to find out that my mentor, my biographer and my friend Harvey Pekar had passed away. “Just found out on Twitter of all things,” Molly let me know. Twitter, email and Wikipedia were things that were not exactly Harvey’s purview. R. Crumb’s cover of Best of American Splendor famously has Harvey cursing at the monitor, frustrating that he can’t learn to work a [bleeping] computer. His movie’s tagline, “ordinary life is pretty complex stuff”, was a bit of a double entendre because everyday things frustrated Harvey.

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Harvey Pekar Dead at Age 70

This is a sad day for comics lovers: Harvey Pekar was found dead by his wife shortly before 1am today. He was 70 years old. The cause of death is unknown. Nowadays, we take it for granted that people can write comic books about anything they want -- not just superheroes -- and that there's a market for them. But that wasn't always the case: Pekar was one of the giants of the medium who, through works like American Splendor and My Cancer Year, established that sequential art is a medium complex enough to take on real-world issues, and subtle enough to present every day life.

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