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Yale Renames Calhoun College After Computer Science Hero Grace Hopper

Yale University will rename Calhoun College, originally named for a virulent white supremacist and vocal advocate of slavery, as Hopper College. The new name will honor Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper, a founding mind of computer science who invented the first compiler.

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The Mary Sue Interview: CODE: Debugging The Gender Gap Takes On The Tech Industry’s Treatment Of Women

One of the most anticipated documentaries to premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival this year is Robin Hauser Reynold’s CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap. The film addresses head-on the alarming fact that there is a disturbing lack of women studying and working in the computer science field. She also looks at the sexism causing this big problem, rampant in education, business, and popular culture - along with the efforts being made to fix this nationwide problem.

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The Mary Sue Book Club Honors Terry Pratchett For Its April Read

Heck YES there's a Mary Sue book club!

The Mary Sue has an awesome, fan-run book club on GoodReads, and they would love for you to join up and discuss their April books!

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Review: Queen of Code is a Fascinating Look at the Life and Work of a Computer Pioneer

Grace Hopper forever!

If you are a computer programmer or just interested in the pioneers of modern technology, you may have already heard the name Grace Hopper. But despite her wide-ranging contributions to computer science and technology, she is far from a household name.

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This Adorable Grace Hopper Comic Is The Cutest Way To Learn About The First Lady Of Computing

No bugs here!

A little while ago, I wrote all about how Grace Hopper is the badassest badass to ever badass in computer science. Now, illustrator Pablo Stanley has written and illustrated his own comic about why Amazing Grace deserves all your love.

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The Monstrous Regiment of Women: A Brief History Of The TOTALLY KICK-ASS Grace Hopper

Want to know where the term "computer bug" came from?

Okay friends I DON’T KNOW IF YOU’RE PREPARED for the badness of a certain GRACE MURRAY HOPPER. Oh, wait, sorry, REAR ADMIRAL Grace Murray Hopper. YEAH. It's about to get REAL.

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Things We Saw Today: Grace Hopper in the Google Doodle!

Things We Saw Today

Happy birthday, Rear Admiral Grace Hopper, pioneering computer programmer and engineer. (Google)

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Women Who Changed Science Now Beautiful Minimalist Posters

she blinded me with science

Artist, designer, and Tumblrer Hydrogene has put together a series of six minimalist posters featuring the work of women who changed the face of science, and history. For example, the now eighty-five-year-old Rear Admiral Grace Hopper developed the first computer compiler, came up with the idea that we should really create a programming language that would work on more than one individual computer, and popularized the term "bug" and "debugging" in their use in computer programming, after fishing a moth out of the workings of the Mark II supercomputer in 1947. (Hydrogene Portfolio via Tumblr.)

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This is a Nanosecond [Video]

In our modern world a lot of words get thrown around without people really knowing what they mean. For instance, do you really know what a nanosecond is? If you've got a handle on your prefixes, you know it's a billionth of a second -- but what does that really mean? Thankfully, the celebrated computer scientist and decorated naval officer Rear Admiral Grace Hopper is here to explain. In the video, Hopper presents a nanosecond as 11.8 inches -- that is, the distance that light can cover in space in a nanosecond. I think we can trust her on this one. After all, she wrote the first compiler and has both a supercomputer and a warship named after her. Though the video is old -- Hopper died in 1992, so it has to be over a decade old -- it is nonetheless fascinating.

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