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Dancing? In This Economy? How Dare These Celebrities and Politicians Dance!

What ever are we going to do with all these dancing people?

How dare they dance? How dare they sing? Celebrities and politicians, this happy? What is this? The dark ages? For those who don't understand this sarcasm, let me explain: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was in a video in college dancing like (essentially) the members of the Breakfast Club, and the GOP tried to mock her for it.

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Things We Saw Today: Happy 85th Birthday to Star Trek Icon Nichelle Nichols!

What's your favorite Uhura/Nichelle Nichols moment?

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Things We Saw Today: Trump Revealed Highly Classified Information During That Meeting With Russia Diplomats

Not to sound the apocalyptic alarms but Donald Trump is going to get us all killed.

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From W.E.B. Du Bois to Abraham Lincoln, Two Big Social Media Fails for the GOP

The Republicans are having a banner day on social media today, as both the Department of Education and the GOP's official accounts somehow made a mess out of celebrating Black History Month.

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This GOP Rep Sexually Assaulted an Employee & Truly Doesn’t Get Why We’re All So Upset Over His “Playful Gesture”

When the now-President-elect brags about sexual assault, it is powerful, tacit permission for anyone and everyone else to do the same. And if you didn't believe that was true before, here's a disturbing new example of Trump culture, from another politician flaunting his presumed privilege.

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Republicans Are Committed to “Defunding” Planned Parenthood

Republicans are playing fast and loose with our health, and potentially, our lives.

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Third Eye Blind Booed While Talking About Tolerance and Acceptance at Republican National Convention Party

Doot doot doot.

While on stage, the band took the opportunity to annoy the ever-living futz out of the RNC party attendees by talking about LGBT rights.

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Things We Saw Today: Rogue One Reveals the First Jyn Action Figure at the “Star Wars Celebration”

"Where's Jyn" will definitely not become a hashtag campaign following the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

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GOP Candidates Keep Talking About Spanking Hillary Clinton, We Can’t Stop Rolling Our Eyes

We're not sure how or why anyone ever thought it'd be a good idea to talk about spanking a female presidential candidate.

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This Chart Displays All the Insults Tweeted at Megyn Kelly From Donald Trump’s Supporters

Donald Trump's supporters have spent the past 24 hours railing against Megyn Kelly on Twitter. She still isn't planning to step down as moderator for tomorrow night's GOP debate.

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House of Cards’ Frank Underwood Presidential Campaign Says FU 2016

Netflix could not have picked a better time to announce a brand new season of House of Cards than during last night's GOP debacle--er, uh. Debate. Sorry.

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Lesser-Of-Many-Evils Opens GOP Debate by Saying Only Men Go to Work

Time-traveling Christie strikes again!

Trump has officially densensitized me to the point where another candidate can totally ignore the accomplishments of professional women, and I won't even flinch. Bravo, America. Bravo.

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House GOP Moves to Allow Racist Car Dealerships to Continue Being Racist

A House Bill was created to enact penalties on car dealerships who overcharge black and latina/o customers, protecting them from shady practices. Seems good, right? But apparently the GOP caucus has pretty much announced that they're intending to kill this bill.

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Hillary Clinton Laughs at Sexist Comment, GOP Concern Trolls Suddenly Care About Women

How . How genuine.

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Things We Saw Today: Jeopardy!‘s Alex Trebek Saying “Turd Ferguson”

Alex Trebek excels at embodying his buttoned-up hosting persona on the serious-minded show Jeopardy!, so it's always a treat to see him saying ridiculous phrases. In the above clip, a contestant gets him to say "Turd Ferguson."

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Bad Lip Reading Version of the GOP Debate Is Just as Nonsensical but Much Funnier

I didn't notice any changes, tbh.

If I'm going to watch a bunch of jerky politicians—and/or business men—stand around spouting a bunch of nonsense, at least it should be humorous nonsense.

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Potential Leader of the Free World Spends Night Harassing Woman on Twitter


Not since the lady Ghostbusters decided to ruin some childhoods has there been such a desperate display of male entitlement.

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How Bad Is the Trolling Problem on the GOP’s Suggestion Site? Not as Bad as You Think.

Two days ago, the GOP rolled out a social voting website called "America Speaking Out," which allows users to upvote and downvote policy suggestions in a number of different categories, like "Fiscal Accountability," "American Values," and "National Security." Like clockwork, within a day, the site became an Internet laughingstock, as bloggers and reporters, including Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank, excavated the site for the absurdest suggestions they could find and concluded it was riddled with crazy people and trolls presenting fake, inflammatory opinions. Our sister site, Mediaite -- which dug up plenty of gems in this vein -- concluded that "it appears the Republicans in the House were a little too optimistic about the kind of discourse one finds on the internet."

I'm no GOP apologist -- I've turned a critical eye towards other GOP web operations in the past, and I'm not thrilled to hear that America Speaking Out is being funded with taxpayer dollars -- but after looking at a sample of 100 ideas submitted on America Speaking Out, it is my contention that the site is actually working a lot better than its critics are giving it credit for. By my count, a strong majority of the suggestions drawing the most user interest are, whether or not one agrees with them, good faith, sincere proposals.

What, then, accounts for the snark towards the site? If you want to go through the raw feed of proposals, before they've been voted up and down, you'd better strap on your trollerskates.

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