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GE’s Sally Le Page Uses Pitch Perfect 2 To Teach Us About the Science of Sound

Science, Pitches!

Biologist, science vlogger, and GE Creator-In-Residence (and musician!) Sally Le Page excels in making science accessible to the masses who watch her informative videos on YouTube. Now, in conjunction with GE and Fullscreen, she uses one of her favorite films, Pitch Perfect, and the upcoming Pitch Perfect 2, as an excuse to delve into the science of sound and why music has the effect on us that it does. Check it out!

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The Mary Sue Interview: Biologist, Science Vlogger, and GE Creator-in-Residence Sally Le Page

If you're not familiar with Sally Le Page yet, you're in for a treat. The host of "Shed Science," a YouTube series that looks at animals' sex lives (and other fascinating elements of the natural world!) in an accessible and informative manner, Le Page is now sharing her talents with a whole new audience in her role as General Electric's Creator-in-Residence.

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Check out Some Destructive Sample Videos From Today’s GE #SpringBreakIt Campaign

I'm a little teapot short and stout. Here is my—OH GOD WHAT'S HAPPENING!?

This morning we told you about GE's #SpringBreakIt campaign where they will send you slow-motion videos of things getting destroyed for science if you tweet at them with that hashtag. If you need further convincing that this is an awesome use of your time, here are a few sample videos they sent us.

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GE Takes “Spring Break” Literally and Destroys Things for Science Today With Their #SpringBreakIt Campaign

It's science, but it's also stuff getting destroyed. It's win/win!

GE's #SpringBreakIt campaign launched today, and we think it's exactly the kind of thing you'll love, Internet-people. To promote their next-generation "Super Materials," GE is showing you what it looks like when they put boring old regular materials to the same smash, crush, and blast tests. Watching things break is really great.

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Glenn Beck Is Making A Movie About Tesla And Edison

Well, this could become a cult favorite.

Glenn Beck says he is tired of politics, he's tired of Hollywood, and he's tired of all the fame and glory being given to "bad man" Thomas Edison. It's the biased biopic that I never would have expected: Glenn Beck is making a movie revealing the darkness behind the (debatable) inventor of the light bulb. Presumably, GE will not be sponsoring.

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Send Us Your Questions For Our Friend Bill Nye and You Could Have It Answered on StarTalk Live at SXSW!

How do you make science?

We'll be at SXSW this year for the GE/Quirky/StarTalk Live mashup known as The Night of Invention this Saturday March 8th, and it's going to be great! Our Friend Bill Nye is hosting, and we're taking questions from readers for the show's Q&A portion. Here's how to have your question asked and answered live on the show.

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Here’s The Geekosystem Podcast “General Electric, Specific Podcast”

See you all at SXSW!

Geekosystem HQ is mid-move so our regular podcasting setup is in a box at the moment. I set up a makeshift home studio with a borrowed mixer (thanks, Jason) and used it to record a great interview with the GE Global Marketing Director Linda Boff to talk about our upcoming event at SXSW.

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