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Unarmed Bosnian Shepherd Kills Brown Bear to Defend His Flock

Davy Crockett is alive and well and living in Bosnia. We're confused as to why he's working as a shepherd, though.

A Bosnian shepherd is really earning his "World's Best Shepherd" coffee mug this week after killing a brown bear with his bearhands bare hands to protect himself and his flock. Russian media reports that 48-year-old Blazo Grkovic was leading sheep around  -- is this what shepherds do? I have no idea -- when he was attacked by a brown bear. Unable to draw the small hand ax he kept on his person, presumably for situations exactly like this one, Grkovic defended himself the only way he knew how, by grabbing the bear's throat and strangling it to death.

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Diving Ant Fighting A Mosquito Larva Inside A Carnivorous Plant Is The Battle Of The Century [Video]

This battle to the death doubles as housecleaning for the pitcher plant that both creatures call home

Holy crap, you guys, nature is amazeballs. If you need a reminder, and we all do sometimes, the above video should do the trick. It's footage of a diving ant, Camponotus schmitzi, hunting a mosquito larva, and it's better than any UFC match you are ever likely to see, not least because the whole thing takes place in the mouth of a carnivorous pitcher plant. To compete, Brock Lesnar and Cain Velasquez would have to hold their next match in the mouth of a shark the size of a small house.

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Baby Fighting A Dragon Ends Better For The Baby Than You Might Expect

The above video aside, we here at Geekosystem want to register our strong disapproval of teaching dangerous martial arts techniques to small children. Ignoring for a moment the obvious dangers inherent in a child being able to beat up its own teachers, babysitters, and parents, the training necessary to master these skills is more than any small child should have to bear. Unless dragons are a problem in your neighborhood. At that point it's just responsible parenting.

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Snikt! Wolverine Frog Has Retractable Bone Claws

The Otton frog, a rare breed of frog native to the islands of Southern Japan, has an evolutionary adaptation as weird as it is awesome -- a retractable bone claw, just like Wolverine. Unlike everyone's favorite tiny Canadian mutant, though, the Otton frog uses its claws for both loving and fighting, sinking the bone spike into a female to keep from being thrown off during mating and using the spike as a weapon when it battles other males for territory.

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