Beth and Summer sit on a couch in 'Rick and Morty.'

Beth and Summer Have Become Their Own Main Characters in ‘Rick and Morty’

The show may be called Rick and Morty, but we’re also here for Beth and Summer.

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In the first few seasons of Rick and Morty, the focus tended to be on the two titular characters. Through the seasons, the story has expanded and we’ve seen more of the other family members. Beth (Sarah Chalke) and Summer (Spencer Grammer) in particular have become major parts of the show. Summer is so much more than the basic teen sister/granddaughter. Beth is a complicated woman and mother. With Beth, we also have the bonus character known as Space Beth, a possible clone who kicks butt all over the universe. We sat down with the cast of Rick and Morty season 7 and discussed how great Chalke and Grammer’s characters are.

Beth and Space Beth’s interesting relationship

First and foremost, we had to discuss a certain episode from season 6 with Chalke. In episode 3, season 6, “Bethic Twinstinct,” Beth and Space Beth have an affair. But is it even possible to have an affair with yourself, or is it self-care? Chalke voiced both roles and made it sound so convincing. “I loved recording that episode. It was really fun. You really record them as two separate characters so we record all of Beth and then all of Space Beth,” Chalke said. “It was a really fun challenge in general, but in that episode in particular you know, just finding a way to ground the character both in Beth. They’re both Beth but they’re so unique and they’re so different.”

Chalke explained the logistics of the Beth/Space Beth kissing scene. “The scene where they are seducing each other, I’m in the booth and I’m like you know having to kiss myself and make out with myself.” Voicing two versions of the same character may be a challenge, but Chalke is up for it. “I feel like it’s one of the coolest parts of this show, right? As an actor, you can never predict what’s going to be thrown your way and it’s what keeps the job so fun. I loved every episode of getting to play Space Beth because she’s so much cooler than I am and cooler than Home Beth is.”

Spencer Grammar in pink sunglasses and a black blazer and sarah chalke in a white shirt and black blazer laugh.
(Spencer Grammer and Sarah Chalke speak onstage at San Diego Comic-Con 2019. Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for IMDb)

Summer’s story is just beginning

Grammer agreed that Summer has changed a lot over the seasons. “I’ve loved the journey from that first season to now has been organic but also been reflective of the time that we’re living in.” She reflected that the world has gone through the #MeToo movement and a global pandemic since the show first began. But Grammer still sees the fun in Summer. “I do it to make people laugh,” Grammer said. “I think Summer’s journey has been great. I love that I get to do great one-liners. I get to be a badass. Things that are a lot harder to do on camera I get to do with my voice.”

Summer has many more adventures ahead of her. “Well, it would be cool if Summer has a ‘Summer Prime’? Or like what about a Citadel of Summers? Or like an Evil Summer?” Grammer said. “What happens to Summer when she meets the Summer who’s more Summer-y than Summer, you know? Does she get to have a clone? Does she get to have a Space Summer where she’s living her best life? I would love to see her become even more like Rick. I think Summer could go darker and then find her heart again at some point. She hasn’t been married. Not really. She’s just a teenage girl experiencing love and doesn’t believe in it. There’s something apathetic to her character. She doesn’t have that kind of depth that Rick is going through at the moment nor would she in any circumstances because she’s a 17-year-old girl whose brain isn’t fully developed until she’s closer to thirty.”

We can’t wait to see more of Beth and Summer in seasons to come! Season 7 of Rick and Morty is currently airing on Adult Swim.

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