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A Reminder That the FBI Investigation Into Brett Kavanaugh Was, by All Accounts, a Total Sham

A new article, published in the NYT and adapted from an upcoming book by Robin Pogrebin and Kate Kelly called The Education of Brett Kavanaugh: An Investigation, gives us a window into just how poorly these women's stories were handled at the time, both by the Senators conducting the hearing and by the FBI, which investigated the allegations.

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Things We Saw Today: Samantha Bee Points Out Hypocrisy in Sudden Right-Wing Hatred of the FBI Over Nunes Memo

On Full Frontal, Samantha Bee points out the fact that, for once, Republicans and Democrats can now agree on something: the FBI is shady as hell.

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Former FBI Director Comey’s Trump Meeting Testimony Sounds Like a Bad Date

Christmas came early. By "Christmas," I mean the day fired FBI Director James Comey publicly testifies before Congress, in reference to his firing amid the probe into Trump campaign ties to Russia and reports of things Trump said to him in private. By "came early," I mean his opening statement has been made available a day ahead of time, and it already confirms some of the most damning parts of press reports.

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Donald Trump, the Least Self-Aware Person on the Planet, Calls James Comey A “Showboat”

I know what you are, but what am I?

Every day the Comey firing becomes less like a slow-motion car crash and more like a multi-car pileup that a tractor-trailer fishtails into before exploding. Today Trump offered his latest version of the events that led to the FBI Director's firing—this is at least the third or fourth revision—but at least this sounds like it contains kernels of the truth. Trump says the firing was entirely his decision, and here's why.

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Allow Me, a Simple English Major, to Decode FBI Director Comey’s Goodbye Letter

I always knew that my degree in English literature that I am still paying for would one day prove to be crucial in a world crisis. Now, I will expertly use the unique skills that I was trained in, like close reading and deconstructing the nuances of subtext from sentences, to translate ex-FBI Director Comey's farewell letter to his colleagues for the masses.

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FBI Director James Comey Feels ‘Mildly Nauseous’ That He May Have Helped Sway the Election. Good.

Yeah, us too, Director Comey. Except we feel fully nauseated, all day, every day, that Donald J. Trump is President.

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Twitter Takes News Site to Task Over “Groundbreaking” FBI Investigation That *Gasp* Says There Are Racist Police Officers

Like we didn't know.

Twitter took the International Business Times to task for their piece on a "groundbreaking report" that there are white supremacists working in law enforcement. Gee, we had no idea.

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These Cheeky Librarian Signs Warning Patrons About FBI Monitoring Are “Technically Legal”

You don't mess with librarians.

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So, This Seems Bad: The FBI Now Has Even More Authority to Hack You

Worried about the surveillance state? Well, it's time to worry even more. I'm sorry. This is bad news.

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FBI’s Clinton Email Decision Results in This Election’s Grossest Misunderstanding of Technology

Or willful misconstruing. Take your pick.

Technology has a tendency to change—both itself and the world around it—rapidly, while politicians ... don't, to put it kindly. As the two become increasingly intertwined, that leads to a lot of absurd notions about this here series of tubes, and that hasn't been more apparent anywhere than this election's understanding of how email and computers work. Reaction to the FBI going through 650,000 emails in a few days is just the most egregious example.

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Things We Saw Today: Stranger Things Gets a Buffy-Inspired Opening Sequence

Okay, okay, so Stranger Things is supposed to look like it's set in the '80s, not the late '90s or early 2000s... but, still, this fan-created title sequence for the show done in the style of Buffy the Vampire Slayer feels oddly apt.

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FBI is Reportedly Investigating the Leslie Jones Hack, Which Still Reeks of Racism and Sexism


By now, you’ve heard the awful story of how hackers infiltrated Leslie Jones’ website to post her nude photos as well as pictures of her private documents. Now, it looks like the FBI is investigating the situation.

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The FBI Has a New “Possible Method” to Unlock iPhones, Postpones Apple Trial

Less than 24 hours before today's hearing between the FBI and Apple, the FBI asked to postpone until April 5th, explaining that "an outside party demonstrated to the FBI a possible method" for unlocking the iPhone. In other words, the FBI may no longer need Apple's help in developing this hypothetical backdoor.

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Apple’s Encryption Battle Poses Unique Concerns for LGBTQIA Folks

Apple's ongoing dispute with the FBI over whether to develop a key that would allow free reign on guessing a locked iPhone password has inspired some compelling arguments from both sides. Here's another point in Apple's favor: encryption keeps LGBTQIA communities safe all over the world.

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Things We Saw Today: Wear The First Chapter Of Harry Potter In Dress Form!

But will it read to me in my third grade teacher's voice?

Rooby Lane, you have indeed outdone yourself. Check out their Etsy page for even more literary goodness.

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Man Arrested for YouTube Comment Threatening Cops, Claims He Never Intended to Follow Through

The excuse that keeps on excusing.

Tensions have been high around law enforcement lately, to say the least. So when a YouTube commenter left a fairly specific murder threat in a comment thread, Google took it very seriously, despite his claims about its intent.

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FBI Busts Indiana Archaeologist With Thousands of Artifacts


The FBI has seized thousands of archaeological artifacts from 91-year-old amateur archaeologist Don Miller. It's unclear if Miller actually broke any laws with his collection, but the FBI plans to return at least some of the items to their country of origin. That could take a while considering the size and range of the collection.

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FBI Drones Are Engaged in Surveillance Over the U.S.

Every move you make, every step you take...well, you know the rest.

At a hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee earlier today, FBI Director Robert Mueller said that the agency uses unmanned drones to conduct surveillance in the United States. The admission came in response to questioning from Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA). According to Mueller, drones are used by the FBI to carry out domestic surveillance missions "in a very, very minimal way, and seldom.”

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Verizon Perfects the Non-Statement Statement, If They Said Anything at All, Which No One Can Prove

Verizon isn't admitting they're handing over your phone records to the NSA, but they sure aren't denying it.

The Guardian in the U.K. published a copy of an order from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court that requires phone company Verizon to hand over daily records of all calls within the U.S. as well as calls from the U.S. to other countries. Verizon has since released a statement on the matter. They don't admit to the order, but they don't deny it either.

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The NSA Is Getting Daily Updates Of Your Phone Records From Verizon

This morning in "I'm pretty sure you're not actually allowed to do that" news, the NSA is collecting the telephone records of millions of Americans on a daily basis. The Guardian newspaper in the U.K. has obtained a copy of an order from judge in the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court requiring cell phone service provider Verizon to turn over the cell phone call records of all domestic calls, as well as calls placed in the U.S. to a foreign country. It's the first solid evidence that the unwarranted surveillance of millions of American citizens who are not accused of any crime -- which began in the terror-panicked wake of the 9/11 attacks -- is alive and well and living in Washington under the Obama administration.

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