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10 Books You Should Read If You’re Interested in The Age of Ice

Because why limit yourself to one book if you could buy eleven?

As those insurance commercials keep telling me, more is better. So if you're excited for The Age of Ice, why not be excited for ten other new books, too? Other than The Brothers Karamazov and Doctor Zhivago, of course. With that in mind, we've compiled a list of books those intrigued by Sidorova's work will likely enjoy.

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Things We Saw Today: X-Wing Book Sculpture

Things We Saw Today

By Jodi Harvey-Brown, who made those awesome book sculptures we featured about a month back. I almost gave myself a headache trying to figure out whether she used books from Aaron Allston and Michael Stackpole's X-Wing series for this. (via blastr)

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New Trailer for Epic Is Epi—No, No, I Won’t Say It. [VIDEO]

In Which We Don't Make An Obvious Pun

The first trailer for Epic, about a teenage girl who gets shrunk down to insect-size and must help her local forest creatures save their home from an evil... er... decay monster...? Can't quite parse that one out. Anyway, the first trailer didn't include much of its protagonist, voiced by Amanda Seyfried. This trailer, on the other hand, gives us a better look at her, and it has a pretty nice Honey, I Shrunk the Kids throwback at the end. (via: Deadline)

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Wikimedia-Sponsored Study Says Wikipedia’s Pretty Accurate

Wikipedia has never been cited as a sterling example of accuracy. Academics tend to shy away from the site due to the public access given to just about anyone. That said, a number of people continue to use the site as a sort of factual first response. Last November, the Wikimedia Foundation brought in Epic, an e-learning company, and Oxford University researchers to make an organized analysis of Wikipedia's accuracy. The results are in and somewhat suspiciously favorable.

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Epic Trailer Lives Up To Its Name


We're pretty excited about Epic, the new film from the creators of Ice Age and Rio. Why? Well, for starters, it's about a teenage girl who shrinks down to the size of a leaf and teams up with tiny forest fairies and bugs to save the world as we know it. Oh, and the film boasts a star-studded cast, including Amanda Seyfried, Beyoncé Knowles, and Aziz Ansari. The trailer is seriously lacking clips of its protagonist, but the gorgeous visuals and the promise of a girl lead is pretty exciting. Epic will hit theaters May in 2013. (via Geek Dad and Bangstyle.)

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Unreal Engine 4 Screenshots Promise A Pretty Future

Unreal Engine 3 is getting old. After six years of supporting games like the entire Mass Effect and Gears of War franchises, the engine is beginning to show its age a little bit. Soon, however, we'll have a glorious new Unreal Engine to drool over. Epic's new iteration promises to deliver a definitely next-gen-feeling experience, including features like particle physics that can handle millions of particles on screen at the same time. In short, it's going to be very pretty.

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15 Retro Video Game Company Logos and their Modern-Day Counterparts

Last week, gaming developer Rare changed that golden logo we remember so well from Donkey Kong Country and Goldeneye to a new, more 'modern' logo in commemoration of its 25th anniversary and its newfound focus on Project Natal. It's always a bit of a shock when a brand we know well radically changes its look, like a friend getting a new haircut that we don't know what to think about, but Rare's redesign reminds us that a lot of the gaming logos that greet us on the sides of boxes and on startup screens haven't been around forever.

Below, Geekosystem has put 15 video game companies' old-school logos side-by-side with their modern counterparts. Which do you like better?

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