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You’re Invited to Nintendo’s Smash Bros. E3 Tournament, but Only as a Spectator

Unless you're secretly a pro Smash Bros. player, that is.

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Nintendo is working hard to win back more serious gamers and sell some Wii U consoles, and it looks like they’re betting on Smash Bros. to pull most of the weight at this year’sE3. Here’s how you can get your own eyes on the game at the Smash Bros. invitational tournament.

According to Nintendo’s official E3 site, the tournament will run on June 10th beginning at 7PM EST (4PM PST). It will be broadcast live on Twitch’s E3 channel as well as Nintendo’s own channel on Twitch, and we’ll have the stream right here for you, too.

As for who exactly will be playing, Nintendo hasn’t given that away yet, but they say that 16 “highly-skilled” players are coming in to duke it out at the Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE. I can think of a short list off the top of my head: Mew2King, Hungrybox, Mango, ADHD, Armada, Dr. PP, Ally… and there are plenty more where that came from, so here’s hoping that Nintendo taps actual Smash Bros. tournament players for this event.

Also, if you’re reading this and you’ve never seen any of those people play, head over to YouTube to see just how badly they’d destroy you.

To see all the mascot brutality with your own eyeballs, be one of the first 3,000 people in line when Nintendo starts handing out wristbands at 9:30AM PST. Attention cosplayers: Nintendo will be selecting fans dressed as potential Falcon punch victims their favorite fighters for prime seating, so consider stepping up your costume game if you want to be close to the action.

There’s still no word on where the Smash Bros. Best Buy demo kiosks will be set up or how many stores will get one, but there’s a section on the E3 site laid out for it that you can obsessively check over the coming weeks.

(Nintendo via Polygon, image via Nintendo)

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