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Win a Spot in Nintendo’s Smash Bros. E3 Tournament

"Win a chance at demoralizing defeat!" —Nintendo (pretty much).

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Nintendo is looking for a People’s Challenger. No, that’s not some kind of communist folk hero (that I know of); it’s your chance to play in their Smash Bros. Wii U tournament at E3 on June 10!

It was originally announced that the tournament’s 16 slots would be filled with “highly skilled” Smash Bros. players who would be chosen by invitation only. Now, they’re opening up one of those slots to someone from the general public. And hey, it’s a brand new game that no one has played before, so you might even stand a chance! (But still probably not.)

Unfortunately for you kids out there, the contest is only open to those who are 18 years or older. Sorry, kids. They probably don’t want to get sued for the emotional scars from a bunch of grown people demoralizing you at your favorite game.

If you do happen to be over 18, Nintendo wants you to submit your reality show-style, “I deserve to be there” video like this:


Entries must be received before 1PM ET on Tuesday, May 26, so take a look at the full rules and get your entry in for the mashup beatdown of a lifetime.

(Nintendo via Polygon, images via Nintendo)

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