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This Is How the NES Zapper Peripheral Actually Works

Sadly, this information cannot penetrate the dog's invincibility.

The NES Zapper was an incredibly cool peripheral for a video game console in the '80s. Using some clever technology, it was able to track, with surprising accuracy, shots fired at on-screen targets in a time way before the Wii Remote revisited the concept of physically pointing your controller at the screen. You've probably at least guessed at how it worked in the past, but the specifics of the technology are pretty ingenious.

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Duck Hunt 3D Chalk Art and Animation Makes Us Hate That Dog All Over Again

I really loved Duck Hunt as a kid, and as a result I really hated that dog. Laughing. Always laughing. Artist Chris Carlson must love Duck Hunt too because he went to great lengths to render this beautiful scene in chalk. He even added the nice touch of a little stop-motion animation game play. 3D chalk art always blows my mind, so it's fitting that Carlson's channel on YouTube is called AWE Me. Consider me awed, sir.

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A Day at the Dog Park With Some Old Video Game Friends [Video]

Inside of a dog it's too dark to read

You'd have to think that in between all the battles and levels and missions that video game characters have some down time to spend with their animal companions. (Or non-animal companions. Such as companion cubes.) But if you're a video game character created with the sole purpose of fighting things, then things are going to get messy. And possibly weird. Oh, the things that Duck Hunt dog has seen ... (Dorkly via Geeks Are Sexy)

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Because It’s Nearly Valentine’s Day: We’re Gonna Make Technology Hump [Video]


Yay! After debuting with Emma Stone in November, "We're Gonna Make Technology Hump" is now a recurring sketch! This week, Saturday Night Live host Zooey Deschanel joins Andy Samberg in watching/making technology hump! I hope this gets its own movie. Because '80s-era technology humping is soooo weird and hairy, amirite? Retrotastic! I swear, I'm not a perv for Duck Hunt shooters. (via Saturday Night Live)

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Fan-Made Duck Hunt Trailer Reminds Us That Evil Ducks Came Before Angry Birds

The Game Station brings us this "terrifying creature feature of deadly ducky carnage," directed by The Country Club, in which the light gun classic Duck Hunt enters real life, creating chaos and sadness. I'd say they made the dog evil, but really, how much more evil could he have gotten from the original game?

(Thanks, Dar!)

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How the NES Zapper Works

Though the gaming industry was still a fledgling widdle baby back in when Duck Hunt released, and wasn't even close to encroaching upon staleness, it still mirrored the current industry trend of developing new ways to control games. Among peripherals like the Power Pad, the NES Zapper became the most popular, and its inner workings astounded many people way back when.

It turns out the magic behind the Zapper is actually more of a simple workaround, much like the controller for Nintendo's current console, the Wii (read: "sensor" bar so simple it can be replaced by candles). Basically, when one pulls the trigger on the Zapper, the television blacks out for one frame to give the light sensor inside the Zapper a reference point, then the game turns the in-game targets to white while the screen is still black, and if the Zapper's light sensor detects the change from black to white, the game knows you were aiming at a correct target. Read on past the break for a few more fun facts about the Zapper.

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The Best Video of a Cat Playing Duck Hunt You’ve Seen Today

1. B'awww. 2. There is no news today. 3. It really sucks that that isn't a touchscreen, that is just cruel.

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For Sale: NES Cartridge Harmonica

Two years ago, an enterprising game fan married two objects long overdue for a meeting: the NES cartridge, enshrined in Gnostalgic texts as occasionally requiring a little mouth-to-mouth action to get it going; and a harmonica. To the benefit of all, he then posted the how to and a video on the internet.

Now, if you don't have that how to magic, or if you don't have a cartridge to offer up in sacrifice to awesome, some one else has started selling them on Makers Market. But act quickly! Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt is already sold out, but you might still be able to get your hands on Top Gun or Wrestlemania.

See the NES harmonica in action after the jump.

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