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For Sale: NES Cartridge Harmonica

Two years ago, an enterprising game fan married two objects long overdue for a meeting: the NES cartridge, enshrined in Gnostalgic texts as occasionally requiring a little mouth-to-mouth action to get it going; and a harmonica.  To the benefit of all, he then posted the how to and a video on the internet.

Now, if you don’t have that how to magic, or if you don’t have a cartridge to offer up in sacrifice to awesome, some one else has started selling them on Makers Market.  But act quickly!  Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt is already sold out, but you might still be able to get your hands on Top Gun or Wrestlemania.

The harmoNEScas also come with something very useful to most buyers: instructions on how to play a harmonica.

(via Kotaku.)

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