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Dear Annabelle: Creation Marketing Team: Please Stop Ruining My Life

If you never hear from me again, please know it's just because I angered this movie's PR team and have been possessed by a haunted doll, and am now living out my days in the Ripley's Believe It or Not basement.

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This Comic About How Girls Actually Play With Dolls Is So Spot-On

This comic pretty much describes my childhood and maybe explains my life thereafter.

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Barbie Is a Game Developer Now

We've come a long way from "Math class is tough."

It's been two years since Mattel's well-intentioned but abysmally-executed Barbie book I Can Be a Computer Engineer, and in that time, a lot has changed.

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Texas Girl With Prosthetic Leg Receives Doll with Same, Proceeds to Cry Happy Tears

In case you still needed convincing as to why diversity and representation is important when it comes to children's toys, allow me to submit this stunning and joyous example.

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Realistic Male Doll “Boy Lammily” Takes Aim at Toxic Masculinity

He comes with jorts!

The team that brought us Lammily, a doll that comes with the option of acne and stretch marks and matches the CDC's proportions for the 'average' 19-year-old woman, is now crowdfunding a Boy Lammily doll.

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Ten-Year-Old Open Heart Surgery Survivor Petitions American Girl for Dolls with Surgical Chest Scars

Ten-year-old Lamaya Sakales has undergone three open heart surgeries to address a congenital heart defect, and has a scar running through the middle of her chest. Now, inspired by American Girl's new diabetes care kit for dolls, Lamaya is petitioning the toy company to sell a doll with a surgical chest scar like her own.

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The Mary Sue Exclusive: Introducing Dream BIG Friends, a Doll Line With a Focus on Girls’ Personality

This rad gal is Yuna, a central character in the new Dream BIG Friends, a doll line focused on celebrating girls' passions and personality rather than their looks.

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Fierce Little Boy Slays in This Adorable Moschino Barbie Commercial

Super cute!

This ad for the brand new Moschino Barbie is absolutely freakin' adorable, and it features a Barbie first: a boy starring alongside girls in the ad!

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Good Call: Mattel Enlists Feminists to Help Design DC Super Hero Girls Dolls

"It’s everything we’ve been advocating for, right down to the muscle tone in the dolls."

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This Mom Made Her Daughter a Black Widow Doll Since No One Else Will


Despite the popularity of The Avengers in a typical toy store aisle, merchandising efforts often fail to feature our favorite butt-kicking assassin in doll form.

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Funny or Die Casts Anna Chlumsky in the American Girl Action Movie We’ve Been Waiting For

Where are Molly's glasses? She can't see without her glasses.

To be honest, I wanted this video to be more of a commentary on the dearth of female-led action films and less a joke at the expense of the American Girl fandom, but still, I love me some Anna Chlumsky (Veep) and Amber Stevens (Greek).

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The Angelica Doll Seeks To Make Girls Of Color Realize They Are Naturally Perfect

Warning: This video features the cutest family ever.

In Awesome Parents Who Don't Sit By While Their Daughters Feel Bad About Themselves news, Angelica Sweeting's heart broke when her young daughter Sophia expressed displeasure over her looks while riding in the car one day. Sophia said she wanted "yellow hair" and white skin like her dolls had so that she could be pretty.

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UK Toy Company Aims to Represent Disabled Kids in New Line of 3D-Printed, Customizable Dolls

Just the beginning.

In response to Toy Like Me, a Facebook campaign run by parents of disabled children and calling for "greater diversity in the toy box," UK toy company Makies has expanded their line to include hearing and walking aids for dolls as well as a doll with a birthmark.

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“What If American Girl Dolls Were Real People” Will Ruin Your Childhood

"Golly gee, Samantha, it's always about suffrage with you!"

I have a preposterous attachment to American Girl dolls, but that doesn't mean I can't still laugh at this amazing video of what they would be like as real people. Consider this punishment for that horrible time when you removed Samantha from the shelves, American Girl. Shame on you.

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Guess What? Kids Really Like Lammily, the Realistically Proportioned Doll

Not to kick Barbie when she's down or anything...

We were already excited about the Lammily doll that was built from the CDC average proportions of a 19-year-old woman by artist Nickolay Lamm, but seeing it in the hands of second graders who are happy to finally have a doll that represents them is just amazing. Now if we could just get some different skin colors...

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Play Dress Up With Adorable Plush Dolls Of The Ladies From Adventure Time

Oh Mah Glob Guys

While Lorena Rodríguez has created some unusual creatures of her own, it's her Adventure Time plush dolls which caught our eye. Dressing up Princess Bubblegum would have been right up my alley as a youngster...yes...a youngster, that's it. Marceline and Lumpy Space Princess after the jump!

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Do You Want to Look at Amazingly Accurate Painted Dolls of Anna and Elsa From Frozen?

Things to Do With Your Kids

OK, so it's not anywhere close to the same meter as "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?," but cut me some slack, OK? DeviantARTist lulemee has also done realistic repaints of other Disney princess dolls—and one Disney villain, The Little Mermaid's Vanessa—which you can see behind the jump.

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If Iron Man Was A Monster High Doll. And Also A Woman.

The proportions on this Monster High version of Iron Man are obviously a bit drastic, but then, so are all Monster High dolls. Chris Hooton (aka Sabretooth) modified a standard retail release to create this Monster High Avenger he dubbed "Iron Girl." Something tells me, if Marvel actually made a merchandising deal with Mattel, these would sell like hot cakes. But for now, click ahead to find out how much this one sold for on Ebay.

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Badass Michonne Barbie Is Badass

Bloody Good Fun

Peewee Parker on Flickr crafts dozens of fashion dolls of all shades, but this one is perhaps the most dangerous. Check out a another shot of it here. Previously in The Walking Dead

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Man Repaints Catching Fire Katniss Barbie So It Looks Exactly Like Jennifer Lawrence

Real Or Not Real?

We posted the spectacular Noel Cruz's work before. He has a knack for turning what are terribly disappointing depictions of actors' doll counterparts and creating what could almost be a mirror image. His latest masterpiece? Jennifer Lawerence's Katniss Everdeen. Check out a few more shots and find out how you can own it after the jump. 

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