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Deep-Fried Gadgets Shock Us, Make Us Slightly Hungry

Holy crap, someone deep-fried an iPad! Why would they do that? They didn't really do it, right? What else did they deep-fry?

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Man Achieves Greatest Dream of a Generation: Deep Fried Baconnaise

Having seen the amazing popularity that deep fried butter has enjoyed this past summer the proprietor of DudeFood decided that he could do one better. Instead of merely deep frying butter, he would deep fry bit-size morsals of bacon flavored mayonaise. Already somewhat familiar with the butter frying process, which involves frozen butter cubes, this genius of mankind let baconnaise freeze in his ice cube tray overnight. The next morning, he wrapped each piece in a wonton wrapper and deep fried them. The results may surprise you.

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Deep-Fried Bubblegum Looks Delicious, but is a Lie

Whether attempting to eat a deep-fried PSP, are thirsty and really can't live without the deep frier, or want to keep it simple and kick back with some deep-fried butter, people always seem to find a way to batter and fry something previously thought to be safe from the oils of the frier and the disturbed machinations of the human heart. From another twisted corner of the human soul, deep-fried bubblegum, making an appearance at the 2011 State Fair of Texas. However, it's a lie. The bubblegum is actually a marshmallow in the flavor of bubblegum, which I suppose makes it more edible than bubblegum and thus a somewhat more enjoyable treat.

The marshmallow is dipped in batter, deep fried, then topped with icing and sugar. The treat won the 2011 State Fair of Texas Seventh Annual Big Tex Choice Awards, beating out deep-fried pineapple upside-down cake, and deep-fried texas salsa and a deep-fried banana rolled in a flour tortilla and slathered with whipped cream, powdered sugar, cinnamon and either caramel or chocolate syrup. Head on past the break to check out a video of the lie. No strikethrough joke there.

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