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Counter-Strike Map Maker Getting Sued Over Montreal Subway Map

Counter-Strike maps of real places are nothing new, but getting sued over making one is a new one on us. That's exactly what seems to be happening to map builder Diego Liatis, whose recreation of Montreal's Berri-UQAM subway station is so good, the Société de transport de Montreal, which operates the city's subways, is threatening to sue him if he doesn't shut the project down, citing the fact that the map could cause panic among subway riders. That's right, Montreal subway riders -- the Société de transport de Montreal (STM) doesn't think you can tell the difference between real life and Counter-Strike.

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is Real, Not Half-Life 3

You may have heard the rumor that the next Counter-Strike game was coming down the pipe. Well, they are no longer rumors. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a thing, a thing that is not Half-Life 3. The game will feature all new content like new maps, modes, weapons, and "characters" as well as incorporating some aspects of social gaming because, well, how could they not? CS:GO will also update some of the classics like de_dust, and hopefully cs_assault.

Perhaps the biggest surprise is that CS:GO has been announced for consoles in addition to the PC. Granted, the heyday of Counter-Strike was in a different age, but it is still strongly associated with PC-only gaming and PC-only pride. It looks like Valve is trying its hand at going toe-to-toe with Modern Warfare just like Battlefield 3. Exciting though that may be, CS is still kind of hallowed ground, so expect people to start whining about it soon.

List of things that will probably cause people to complain about CS:GO below.

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The Most Hardcore Pro Gaming Franchises

It certainly seems like major league gaming and eSports has, of late, received its share of press. Whether that’s good, bad or some strange gray area of press, there’s been a relative glut of news relating to it and its players recently. There are certainly more folks keeping a closer eye on things than before. That in no way means to imply that this is a recent thing. eSports have been around longer than the term used to describe them. The exact kind of competition has varied over the years, depending on the game’s genre, among other factors, but it hasn't been any less intense than the recent bouts. In fact, some franchises have long been known to be hardcore.

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Osama bin Laden’s Abbottabad Hideout Now Has a Playable Counter-Strike Map

The line between video games and reality continues to blur: A week after President Obama told Americans in an emergency broadcast that Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden had been killed by Navy SEALs in a compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, there's now a playable map in first-person shooter Counter-Strike: Source modeled after that very compound. The map is available for download at GameBanana, and "may be used as a base for a bomb or hostage map at a later stage," according to its description. The map's creator writes:

What alot of people don't seem to understand is that the only thing this map has in common with Osama is location. I can see how people would think it is in bad taste, but honestly if that's your opinion you may as well protest the whole game (as well as many others).
(GameBanana via GamePron via Slashdot, Kotaku)

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