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Scholar Publishes In-Depth Research On The Cost Of Raising Calvin From Calvin and Hobbes

Having an army of snowmen at one's bidding: priceless.

But isn't Spaceman Spiff at least partially to blame?

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IDW Is Releasing the Original Wonder Woman Newspaper Strips!

Great Hera!

IDW Publishing—yes, IDW—has announced they'll be putting out a new collection of the original Wonder Woman comic strips!

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John Green Drops Some Knowledge About Newspaper Comic Strips in His Latest Mental Floss Video

So many facts in so little time.

Do you want to very quickly learn a bunch of stuff about newspaper comic strips? Then let John Green give you 27 facts about them in about eight minutes. You'll learn about the first comic strip, what Jim Davis thought about Garfield Without Garfield, and more, so watch and learn.

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Alex Doonesbury Will Succeed Her Father as the Main Character in Doonesbury

Almost Totally Excellent

American cartoonist Garry Trudeau has been chronicling American life through his Doonesbury comics for the past forty years. Syndicated in almost 1,400 newspapers worldwide, the characters and their long, grounded journey throughout the years have been a notable part of the cultural canon of daily cartoon strips. Now, after watching main character Michael Doonesbury progress from college student to senior citizen, the torch is being passed--to his daughter, MIT graduate and techie Alex Doonesbury.

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Several Newspapers Pull Doonesbury Strip About Texas’ Transvaginal Ultrasound Law

A Series of Fallopian Tubes

In a move that is not exactly the most surprising of moves, several newspapers have pulled the syndicated comic Doonesbury from its funny pages for the next week because its creator, Gary Trudeau, will be tackling the issue of yet another state law (this time in Texas) requiring women to undergo a transvaginal ultrasound before getting an abortion. While some papers will run old Doonesbury strips during the duration of the story, one paper has agreed to run the new strip online while running reprints in the actual newspaper. They cited "different audience expectations" for print vs. online. Uh huh.

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This Is the World’s Largest Comic Strip

We Have Done the Impossible and That Makes Us Mighty

The Guinness people do not mess around when it comes to setting world records. When a bunch of French students sought to steal the world record for the world's largest comic strip from a group of Indian artists, they had some parameters to meet. What you will find after the jump is a comic strip that is 1,000 meters long (previous record was 889 meters), displayed by France's Rhone River. It took "11 writers, 111 designers, a ton of students, 250 markers, a stack of paper which weighed 800 kilograms" and it is officially the Guinness World Record holder. See the progress after the jump.

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All the Best Pokémon Trainers Have Daddy Issues

Cartoonist Maré Odomo is releasing a hard copy of his web comic Letters to an Absent Father, a Pokémon-based series which posits that Ash Ketchum's quest to become the best trainer in the land is really an attempt to make up for his father's absence in his life. Each strip begins with the words "DEAR DAD," and are signed "LOVE, ASH." It's a seriously Freudian affair.

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