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[UPDATED] A Brief Timeline of Harassment and Sexual Assault in the Comics Industry

A timeline of sexual harassment and assault in the comics industry is lamentably challenging to truncate, but a girl can try.

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This Thanksgiving, I’m Thankful for Tessa Thompson

Long live the Valkyrie and Tessa Thompson, our newest Afro-Latina warrior. You should be so lucky she kicks your ass.

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Jessica Jones, Miles Morales Co-Creator Brian Michael Bendis Moving to DC Comics

Writer and artist Brian Michael Bendis had a major hand in some of the best things Marvel comics have done recently—including the introduction of Jessica Jones and Miles Morales as Spider-Man—so people were understandably taken by surprise today, when it was revealed that he'd be heading over to work for DC Comics.

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That’s It, Star Wars, Mandalorian Sabine Wren Needs Her Own Comics

Sabine needs more canvas space for her story.

As we await the debut of Kelly Marie Tran as Rose in The Last Jedi, another onscreen Asian woman heroine needs her due. In Star Wars Rebels, Mandalorian Sabine Wren (voiced by Tiya Sircar) is an Asian-coded heroine in the Star Wars Universe.

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Interview: Cartoonist Abby Howard Makes Dinosaurs Cooler Than Ever

While Abby Howard hasn't traveled through time like the stars of her new graphic novel, Dinosaur Empire!, that's not to say she hasn't had a few adventures herself.

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Justice League Variant Covers Show Us Wonder Woman and The Flash in Action, but Did They Have to Draw Diana Like That?

In November, DC Comics will begin publishing cinematic variant covers attached to existing titles, in the hopes that fans will want to collect 'em all. Now they've released two featuring battle-ready Diana Prince and Barry Allen. We have some compliments and some concerns.

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DC Comics Is Receiving an Award for Their Depiction of LGBTQIA Characters, but There’s Still a Lot of Work to Do

The Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Entertainment Network (GLSEN) announced that they're awarding this year's Visionary Award to DC Comics, citing the publisher's "commitment to showcasing diverse storylines."

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Review: Spiritus #2 Takes You on an Escape From a Prison for the Mind

Corporal punishment only exacts its retribution as long as the body and consciousness remain coupled to receive it. When corporal becomes capital punishment, the body expires, and the mind is freed from its physical constraints (give or take certain theological beliefs, of course). But in the world of Spiritus, the justice system has found a way to close this loophole.

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BOOM! Studios Delivers the Nuanced Female Characters of Our Dreams in Jane and Jonesy

Tomorrow, you'll be able to find two amazing examples of what BOOM! Studios has to offer in the way of nuanced female characters.

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Marvel Hints at Captain America’s Redemption and I Literally Could Not Care Less

Oh my God, I'm so tired.

What do you do with a problem like turning your greatest Nazi-fighting superhero into an agent of Hydra, upsetting fans for months? Continue to milk the storyline unto infinity, if you're Marvel Comics!

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Gail Simone and Cat Staggs Deftly Turn Tropes Upside Down in Crosswind #1

A frequent criticism of literary or visual media is the use of what have colloquially come to be known as "tropes." Certainly, using stock characters and clichéd plot devices can dilute the impact of a story. But these conventions can also play an important role in furthering a narrative, particularly one that’s about subverting expectations. Take, for example, Gail Simone and Cat Stagg’s new Image book, Crosswind, in which a hitman and a housewife swap bodies.

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Image Comics Is Raising Money for Planned Parenthood With Women’s History Month Variant Covers

Each day, more people seem to be joining the fight against Trump's administration. Now, Image Comics is stepping up with a series of variant covers to benefit Planned Parenthood

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Fox Orders a Pilot For Another X-Men TV Show and It Sounds Kinda Cool

FX's Legion might not be the only X-Men show heading toward television.

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The Mary Sue Deadpool Hoodie Giveaway!

2016 was the year of Deadpool ... getting pirated rampantly apparently, but that's probably only because his long-awaited feature film debut went so well! (No, we're still not counting his appearance in the X-Men franchise, thank you very much.) To keep that good feeling going while we wait impatiently for a sequel, we've got a Deadpool hoodie giveaway for everyone!

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Best of 2016 Last-Minute Comics Gift Guide for Friends Who Need a Little Help Finding Their New Favorites

Slim and Lou, the comiXologist podcast crew, are here digging into our libraries to recommend some of our favorite comics of the year, but this isn’t just any 2016 year-end list. This list doubles as your quick and easy last-minute gift guide for your friends who need a little help finding their new favs. Maybe your friend is just getting into comics; maybe they’re an old pro, but don’t worry because we’ve got something for everyone—including yourself!

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Joe Manganiello Says Ben Affleck’s The Batman Will Encompass All the Things You Love About Batman

Do you believe him?

If you're having reservations about Ben Affleck's solo Batman film, Joe Manganiello is here to assure you that everything is going to be okay.

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Exclusive Preview: Ms. Marvel #13 Encourages You to Get Out There and Vote


The time has come, not to lip sync for your life, but to get out there and vote.

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Hey Male Members of Fandom, Stop Attacking Women Creators: Mockingbird Writer Chelsea Cain Quits Twitter Over Harassment

Since when is harassment acceptable practice for being a fan of a thing? Anything?

On Thursday, Mockingbird writer Chelsea Cain quit Twitter after receiving an onslaught of abuse from individuals calling themselves comic book fans. Her crime? Asking for greater representation in her field of work.

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Interview: Comic Artist Katie Cook on Bronies and Fellow Artists Who are Currently Killing It

Because my specialty lines within movies and television, I don't often speak with comic artists. I still jumped at the chance to talk to Katie Cook, the artist and illustrator best known for her work on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

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Tom Holland Reveals There’s Already a Spider-Man: Homecoming Sequel in the Works

Spider-Man: Homecoming hasn't even been released yet, but according to the movie's star, Tom Holland, producers are already working on a sequel.

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