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Things We Saw Today: Larry Wilmore & Stephen Colbert Reminisce On How Politicians Can’t Take a Joke

Both Larry Wilmore and Stephen Colbert have had the dubious honor of hosting a White House Correspondents' Dinner, and they both had a tough time of it. Or did they? I mean, I thought they both did pretty well. Really tough crowd to please there, though.

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Interview: Grimm‘s David Giuntoli and Claire Coffee Discuss New Bromance Comedy, Buddymoon

These days, most people who know David Giuntoli and Claire Coffee know them from their work on the awesome, and harrowing fantasy show, Grimm. With their characters constantly facing death at the hands of Wesen, demons, and power-hungry humans, we don't exactly get to see them go for laughs a whole lot. Thankfully, there's Buddymoon, a comedy feature that comes out tomorrow that stars Giuntoli and Coffee alongside Flula Borg, Giuntoli's real-life BFF.

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Interview: Jewel Staite Talks How to Plan an Orgy in a Small Town, Her Sex-Positive New Comedy

Jewel Staite is both starring in and acting as Executive Producer on a film that is both as sexual and as sweet and earnest as Kaylee: How to Plan an Orgy in a Small Town.

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Samantha Bee and Patton Oswalt Go Behind the Smoke and Mirrors of Crisis Pregnancy Centers on Full Frontal

Samantha Bee and Patton Oswalt Examine Crisis Pregnancy Centers

We are truly in a Golden Age of late-night comedy news commentary. This week, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee examined the nefarious world of "crisis pregnancy centers," which are basically fronts for non-medical personnel to convince vulnerable women to not have abortions. Bee did this with a little help from the hilarious Patton Oswalt.

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Chris Rock Teases the Internet About His “Blackout” of the Oscars

Chris Rock has chosen to hype his forthcoming Oscars hosting gig as though it's a follow-up to The Ring, via this tweeted video of several seconds of static.

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Here’s a Preview of the Dark Humor on Full Frontal With Samantha Bee

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee doesn't start until this February 8th -- and it'll be simulcast on five networks at 10:30 PM ET, so the premiere will be hard to miss. Perhaps these new previews will help you decide whether you'd like to tune in.

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Samantha Bee On Diversifying Late Night with Full Frontal — and Diversifying Her Writers’ Room

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee hasn't yet aired its first episode -- that'll be on February 8th -- but Bee already knows what sort of response to expect.

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New NBC Comedy Powerless Shows That DC Superheroes Need Insurance Too

I'm a sucker for glimpses into the lives of "normal people" in our genre universes. My favorite episodes of genre shows are often the ones that focus on the friends of the heroes, or the Everyday People living their lives as superpowered shenanigans are going on. Well, it looks like DC and NBC are teaming up on an entire show like this just for me. It's called Powerless.

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Comedian Beth Stelling Reveals Abusive Relationship, “It’s Not Simple”

"I ask you to have the courage to listen and accept it, because I’m trying."

Comedian Beth Stelling posted a series of photos on Instagram on Monday, revealing the details of a verbally, physically, and sexually abusive relationship she's been in the past year.

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Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Give Advice on Love, Dancing, and Not Worrying

"You could not do social media." "Tina no."

Buzzfeed spent some quality time with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler as Sisters preps to come out tomorrow to answer questions like "What is one thing women in their twenties shouldn't worry about?," "What's the best piece of advice you've ever received?" and "What's the best move to bust out during a dance battle?"

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Nope, Still Not OK: Absolutely Fabulous’ Yellowface Casting

. Scottish actor Janette Tough will be playing "male Japanese fashion designer" Huki Muki (who some sources say is meant to resemble artist Yayoi Kusama).

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Apparently, Men Don’t Care To Date Funny Women. But, Women Aren’t Funny Anyway, Right?

Remember that super-depressing study about how men find intelligent women to be less attractive? Well, turns out that a woman with a sense of humor won't much impress 'em, either. All signs seem to point to heterosexual romance being dead ... at least for smart and/or funny women.

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NYCC 2015: The Final Girls May Be the Must-See Horror/Comedy/Family Film of the Year

"The 'final girl' is a fucked-up feminist concept, right?" - Todd Strauss-Schulson

I was already excited about The Final Girls back when we first shared the trailer with you. But having since listened to director Todd Strauss-Schulson and star Malin Akerman talk about the film at The Final Girls panel at NYCC this year, I'm beyond excited.

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Nicki Minaj Comes to TV in New Comedy for ABC Family

It looks like we may soon be getting a more family-friendly Nicki Minaj.

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The Mary Sue Interview: Elijah Wood Talks Genre Movies, Women in Film, and Having Cooties

"I think there's something artful about genre cinema." - Elijah Wood

Every experienced teacher, no matter how much they love their students or their job, at some point has the strong urge to whack their students in their faces with blunt objects. Well now, there's a horror comedy that caters to that impulse. It's called Cooties, and it stars Elijah Wood. In it, a group of hapless teachers are trapped in a school with zombie children.

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Your Parents, Siblings, and Friend’s Friend’s Cousin Want You to Stop Using Their HBO Go Passwords


I'll admit it. I'm totally using my friend's friend's mom's HBO Go account. IT'S A SICKNESS.

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Fat Shaming Youtuber Doesn’t Know What “Comedy” and “Satire” Mean

And her entire "career" needs to be put between quotes.

So, "comedian" Nicole Arbour, whom you might know from such platforms as YouTube or....Periscope, recently made a video called "Dear Fat People," in which she, in an attempt to be "satirical" (I don't think she knows what that word means), ended up offending fat people, compassionate people, basically anyone with a soul. Now, she's dealing with the consequences of not only her insensitive actions, but her really shitty comedy.

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/Slash/, an Indie Coming-of-Age Movie About Fan Fiction

It's about a young fanfic writer who is pushed by one of his friends to publish his story online. When it catches the eye of a specific moderator, things change for the young author, especially when him and his friend visit a con.

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Key & Peele Perfectly Spoof Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Cosmos

You ever wonder if Neil deGrasse Tyson uses that massive intellect of his to get out of arguments by just confusing people?

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NBC Makes Us Happy By Bringing Us Two Female-Led Comedies from Tina Fey and Mike Schur

NBC knows what we want (more women on TV, ahem), and they're going to be giving it two us next season in the form of two new comedies by two of TV's top creators!

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