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Actual Comedians Dunk on Tucker Carlson for His Ridiculous New ‘Documentary’ on the ‘Death of Comedy’

Tucker Carlson has a confused look on his face during a segment on his show above a chyron reading "the death of comedy"

For the first time in his life, Tucker Carlson is funny. Ok, I take that back because I get delighted over his annual rage-out over the Green M&M not making him horny enough, but the point stands. He’s not a funny guy, intentionally, but man, he’s hilarious in the new ad for his weekly series about how comedy is dying because if you punch down, people punch back now, metaphorically, and if you’re close enough, maybe literally. Oh boo hoo, your actions have mild consequences for a few weeks until you get a Netflix special or sell out Madison Square Garden.

This is a strictly laugh-at, not with situation, but it is funny nonetheless:

The gist of that trailer is a bunch of guys, mostly white, going “oh, I guess I’m not allowed to be funny anymore.” Also, inexplicably, Elon Musk is there complaining about “woke” culture. Doesn’t that guy have publically traded companies to run and shareholders to answer to? Elon Musk wants to be funny so bad he spent billions of dollars on a social media platform and is forcing people to look at his tweets so you’ll all love him and tell him he’s funny. See, that’s funny, but not in the way Elon wants.

Now actual comedians are having a field day because it’s low-hanging fruit and it’s fun to dunk on idiots.

Why am I not surprised that the trailer was cherry-picked with clips designed for maximum outrage and minimum truth? Does that sound like Tucker Carlson?!

Remember, most comedians who got “canceled” did not get canceled for making a risque joke (read: racist, sexist, prejudiced, basically anything that ends in “ist” or “ed”) that pissed people off. If they got canceled (i.e. faced consequences) it was only temporarily and it was for doing some really fucked up things, like sexually harassing multiple women, ala Louie CK!

What I love most about the people who whine about the “woke mob” is invariably their hypocrisy always comes to life.

Why am I not surprised about this? Some whiny baby complaining you can’t make fun of people with no consequences attacked someone else because they want no consequences for their own actions. That tracks.

I’m not exactly sure who this special is for. People who actually like comedy can seek it out basically anywhere. People who like to be angry have Fox News, Newsmax, and if they’re really desperate, can just go drive around in rush-hour traffic. Is Tucker Carlson money laundering in the most ineffective way possible? Did he lose a bet to Elon Musk? Make this make sense!

There’s a sick part of me that wonders what Tucker Carlson actually thinks is funny, and then I realize that it’s probably really mean-spirited, racist, and dull. Then I stop wondering and go back to not thinking about Tucker Carlson, and then I’m a much happier person as a result. I suggest everyone engage in the latter part of that thought exercise. Not thinking about Tucker Carlson is great.

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