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Things We Saw Today: I Can’t Stop Watching This Video of SNL Cast Members Breaking Character

I can't help myself; one of my favorite parts about Saturday Night Live is watching what happens with the players break character. It's the perfect reminder that they're giving a live performance, and sometimes, even if things go perfectly in rehearsal, you can't stop a case of the giggles.

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Things We Saw Today: Zootopia Could Have Been So Much Sadder

Apparently a scene involving shock collars as a means of controlling predators in Zootopia made it pretty far down the production line before ultimately being cut. Sounds like a downer scene, right?

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Things We Saw Today: Spinning Cake Recreates First Level of Super Mario Bros

This stop-motion animation spinning cake recreates the entire first level of Super Mario Bros–and the best part is, it’s edible. (via Gizmodo) This girl accidentally dyed herself pink by using what she thought was a Lush bath bomb. (Turns out it was an oil-based product that had to be diluted in water first.) Oops? She […]

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Little Girl’s Chewbacca Princess Birthday Cake Too Precious for Words

Her parents went to a bunch different bakers with the request, all of whom couldn't do it because it wasn't a "proper cake kit."

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Things We Saw Today: 3D Cake Molds, Uh, Find A Way

Hold onto your bundts!

Every $16 silicon dinosaur cake mold will get you a t-rex, a brontosaurus, a stegosaurus, and the limitless pleasure of playing God.

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This Amazingly Detailed Library Cake Is Lookin’ Fine

What is this, a room for ants?

Look at that teeny-tiny globe! Those gum drop lamps! The papers left scattered by some harried licorice grad student! I don't think I could ever bring myself to actually chew this hallowed hall of learning to tiny bits inside my mouth, but never before has Dewey Decimal looked so delicious.

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Happy Birthday, Tiny Hedgehog! Here’s A Tiny Cake To Share With Your Tiny Hamster Friends.

Tiny hedgehog + tiny cake = much adorable!

A tiny hedgehog has the most adorable of birthday parties - including a tiny cake!

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Things We Saw Today: Fight Crime In Style With This Batman Hair Bow


You can wear this leather Batman bow by Etsy seller Dulcecalaveritas either as a hair bow or a necktie. Or both. Just place bats all about your person.

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