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Things We Saw Today: The Littlest Bender

Things We Saw Today

A reddit user recently shared this old Halloween picture of his daughter. I feel like she needs to be holding a sippy cup. (via i09)

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Bender, Inked

i'll just leave this here

Lauren Davis at io9 came up with a great story about Bender from Futurama going to prison and coming out with a bunch of tattoos. I like to believe that one day, he got sick of collecting souvenir spoons from all over the universe and decided to start getting inked instead. Because they tell stories! And Bender can always get his parts replaced or painted over. Whatever you choose to believe, we invite you to check out the various styles of tattoos on Bender designed by Nicolas Le Borgne (aka Odö) after the jump.

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Electronic Voting Machines Hacked, Bender Bending Rodriguez Elected to School Board

Sure, widespread electronic voting would make the process of tallying and processing ballots exponentially easier, but can it ever really be secure? Maybe someday, but certainly not right now, as evidenced by a little experiment in Washington D.C. that ended with everyone's favorite robo-sociopath Bender Bending Rodriguez being elected as the head of the Washington D.C. school board. Needless to say, there was a little bit of hacking involved.

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Fox News Explains How Futurama‘s Bender Won an Election to Head DC’s School Board

The Future Is Now!

On Friday’s Fox & Friends, host Steve Doocy introduced a story about how Bender -- a cartoon robot from Comedy Central’s Futurama -- was voted in as the head of the Washington, D.C., School Board. The election, Doocy explained, wasn’t real -- it was a trial run for electronic voting systems and how secure they are. A team from the University of Michigan hacked in and made Bender the winner. “If you think electronic voting systems are secure,” Doocy explained, “try explaining how the guy you’re about to see won an election.” He then showed a clip of Bender’s arms falling off.

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“It’s Pretty Deep, But There Are Also a Lot of Flaming Belches”

Good News Everyone!

"It’s pretty deep, but there are also a lot of flaming belches,” he said. “We pull you in with the mathematical theorems, and we keep you with the flaming belches.” Daivd X. Cohen, head writer of Futurama, on the new season that premieres tonight! In other I-just-looked-it-up-on-Wikipedia-news, Cohen's actual middle initial is an S, but he was forced to change is because the Writers Guild of America does not allow members to have the same exact name. He chose "X"–because it sounded "sci-fi-ish" and included a period "so people don't think it's some mathematical formula: 'David times Cohen' or something." (quote from Wired.)

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Things We Saw Today: Wonder Woman Looks Just As Fierce in B&W

Things We Saw Today

This is just one of several monochromatic renderings of some of our favorite superheroes and villains by Chris Stevens. They are all mint. (via Design You Trust)

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Futurama Wedding Cake

Good news, everyone! Someone has made a Futurama wedding cake. Alan Teo, who snapped the photo, writes: Attended my friends' wedding over the weekend. Both the bride and groom are über-Futurama fans. So naturally, they had to incorporate their favourite show into the wedding somehow. Needless to say, it's easily the most awesome cake I've ever seen. Check it out fully sized after the jump.

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Futurama, Miyazaki-Style

Bouletcorp has winningly mashed up Futurama with the animation style of Studio Ghibli's Hayao Miyazaki.

The wide-eyed cat-bus from My Neighbor Totoro + the lush leafiness of Princess Mononoke + Bender Bending Rodríguez = some shiny metal grass.

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Futurama Characters, South Park-Style [Pics]

DeviantARTist Moosecake has done a nice job of reworking the humanoid members of the Futurama crew as South Park characters. (Although as one commenter astutely points out, they're all children. Creepy.) Incidentally, just today, Comedy Central Insider released the first teaser still from the first episode of the much-anticipated Futurama relaunch, which will air on Thursday, June 24th. Spoiler alert: It involves skeletons. Even Scruffy's.

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The Eight Greatest Futurama Minor Characters

After seven years on TV Ice-Catraz, Futurama is coming back to Comedy Central in June, with 26 episodes on order. Earlier today, posted a 30-second teaser trailer for the relaunched series which, while it might not send fans into paroxysms of laughter, will at least elicit some nostalgia.

With that nostalgia lighting our hearts afire, at least until we remember Bender's Game, we thought we'd revisit the eight best minor characters from the original run of Futurama:

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New Futurama Trailer Is Here

Futurama is coming back to Comedy Central in June, and the very first promotional trailer is out. It's 30 seconds long, and very Comedy Central-centric (the giant TV from the classic title sequence has a big ol' Comedy Central ad on it), but the glimpse of Bender and Zoidberg saying new things that they have not said before will probably sate most fans. Hopefully, the new series is more in the vein of Futurama up to 2003 more than the Futurama movies.

Trailer after the jump: Hypnotoad commands you to watch it. (Yes, we used that exact same joke the last time we wrote about the new Futurama, but it still applies.)

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