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Bender, Inked

i'll just leave this here

Lauren Davis at io9 came up with a great story about Bender from Futurama going to prison and coming out with a bunch of tattoos. I like to believe that one day, he got sick of collecting souvenir spoons from all over the universe and decided to start getting inked instead. Because they tell stories! And Bender can always get his parts replaced or painted over. Whatever you choose to believe, we invite you to check out the various styles of tattoos on Bender designed by Nicolas Le Borgne (aka Odö) after the jump.

First, a closeup of the top pic:

And other designs:

Man, I envy Bender. I know he’s a fictional, animated robot, but if I thought I could just ink over all my tattoos whenever I felt like changing styles, that would be super fun.

(via io9)

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