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The Eight Greatest Futurama Minor Characters

After seven years on TV Ice-Catraz, Futurama is coming back to Comedy Central in June, with 26 episodes on order. Earlier today, posted a 30-second teaser trailer for the relaunched series which, while it might not send fans into paroxysms of laughter, will at least elicit some nostalgia.

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With that nostalgia lighting our hearts afire, at least until we remember Bender’s Game, we thought we’d revisit the eight best minor characters from the original run of Futurama: (The Benders and John A. Zoidbergs of the world are disqualified here.)

8. Hedonism Bot

This grape-loving, solid gold bon vivant (built with taxpayer money, of course) is a decadent, vomiting opera patron, and he has no regrets. Interesting tidbit from Infosphere: “In the season three commentary, Matt Groening points out the importance of the name being hedonism bot and not hedonist bot – he is not only hedonist, he is the actual personification of hedonism.”

7. Elzar

Goro-like smarmy space chef Elzar is one of those Futurama touches that’s at once quaint and endearing: An Emeril parody? Really? So early 2000s. But instead of saying “give it some bam!” Elzar just likes to shout “Bam!” a lot, often quite threateningly.

6. Fry’s Dog, Seymour

Whereas most of the other characters on this list are here for comedic purposes, Fry’s dog, Seymour, is here for pathos: The episode he appears in, “Jurassic Bark,” is unexpectedly sad and touching. There’s even a Facebook group called “I cried for the dog episode of Futurama.” Not going to spoil the episode here, but there’s a YouTube video of you want to see the tear-jerker of an ending.

5. Beelzebot

Whew! Back to comedy. Beelzebot, a.k.a. the Robot Devil, not only rules over Robot Hell (in New Jersey), he can play a mean fiddle. See for yourself:

4. Richard Nixon’s head

Matt Groening definitely has a weird Richard Nixon obsession: see: The Simpsons. How to port him into the future? Easy: put his disembodied head in a jar and make him evil, funny, and still very capable of winning elections. You don’t get your face (and the jar it’s in) on the $1000 and $300 bills by catering to Communists.

3. The Hyper-Chicken

Just plead insanity! The half-Jimmy Stewart, half-Foghorn Leghorn Hyper-Chicken is not actually a particularly good lawyer, but his track record is not bad, when he’s not terrifying young witnesses (see below). And while he may just be a simple Hyper-Chicken, he knows when he’s finger-licked.

2. Harold Zoid

Zoidberg’s vaudevillian director uncle has some of the best lines in the series, which Hollywood would do well to listen to: “Just because its a dramatic scene doesn’t mean you cant do a little comedy in the background.” “You know, through all my ups and downs, I always thought the most important thing in life was to win an Oscar. But tonight, I realized what’s really important is to win two Oscars. I’m kidding, I’m kidding.”

In terms of sheer character, Harold Zoid would actually be our #1 favorite, except…

1. Hypnotoad


(with reference to The Infosphere and Futurama Wikia)

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