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Interview: Please Stand By Director Ben Lewin Boldly Depicts Communities He’s Never Depicted Before

Please Stand By, starring Dakota Fanning and based on the stage play by Michael Golamco, is both a love-letter to Star Trek and a compassionate portrayal of an autistic protagonist. So, how does a director with very little experience in either community approach material that's so, so specific? I had a chance to chat with the film's director, Ben Lewin, about just that.

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Review: Keep the Change, a Nuanced and Hilarious Rom-Com Centering Adults With Autism

4 out of 5 stars.

In her new film, Keep the Change, writer-director Rachel Israel breathes new life into the romantic comedy by centering a community largely ignored in romantic storytelling: adults with autism.

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Jay Edidin’s TEDx Talk About Autism, Gender, and Finding Yourself Through Stories

In "You Are Here: Finding Ourselves and Each Other in Stories," Edidin talks about the ways that stories have influenced his life as an autistic trans man and the ways that "what we see in stories limits what we recognize in real life."

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Nope, James Damore’s Autism Is Not the Cause of His Misogyny

A recent article suggested that ex-Googler James Damore's autism "may in part explain the difficulties he experienced" with his infamous anti-diversity memo, and nope. Autism's got nothing to do with being a misogynist, and suggesting that link is harmful.

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Let’s Not Ignore the Neurodivergent Community’s Role in the Slime Video Trend

None of the media coverage of the slime trend has addressed the real source: the online autistic community.

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Did Star Trek: Discovery Just Introduce a Recurring Character on the Autism Spectrum?

Last night's Star Trek: Discovery was not only amazing TV, but should also quell the fears of anyone who watched the first two episodes and worried that they couldn't tell from the series opener just what kind of show they were getting. With Episode Three, "Context Is For Kings," we not only got super-clear about what to expect from the show, but we were introduced to an amazing cast of characters.

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Help Me Judge This Trailer for The Good Doctor, ABC’s Show About a Doctor With Autism

I've been thinking about The Good Doctor all week since ABC released their trailers for the fall season. The medical drama, which is touted as coming from "the creator of House" David Shore, stars the talented Freddie Highmore as a pediatric surgeon with autism and savant syndrome.

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Garbage Fox News Hosts Mocked the Child Who Made Mike Pence Apologize for Hitting Him

Yes, how dare he insist the Vice President adhere to prescribed social customs?

Fox News ridiculed the young boy who asked Mike Pence to apologize for bumping him on the face. The boy's mother had to inform them that he's on the autism spectrum, not that their decision to mock a child on-air would have been acceptable under any circumstances.

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Threat Level Blue: Autism Awareness Month Under a President Who Hates Autistic People

But just as his decades-old racism and sexism, take on new menace with him positioned to give them each the force of law, so too does this contempt make me feel particularly unsafe as a disabled person with him in power.

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Sesame Street Is Introducing a Muppet Character With Autism

The Muppet, named Julia, isn't new to the block. She's been seen in the Sesame Street's storybooks since 2015. But the inclusion of Julia on the live-action show is important—so much so that she's making headlines around the world.

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Donald Trump Has a Dangerously Misguided View of Autism

Donald Trump focused in on a misguided discussion of autism with educators and Betsy DeVos.

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My Family Couldn’t Help Me Process the Election—But My Fandom Did

My parents aren't really going to be affected by the Trump administration, which meant I had nobody to help me process Donald Trump's election. Enter fandom.

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It’s You and Me: Pokémon GO Community Rallies Around Teen With Autism Who Was Bullied Out of Playing the Game

A bunch of members of the Arizona Pokemon Go Community Facebook group showed up in support of 15-year-old Ty Swartout, who lives with autism, and his mother, Angie Swartout, after learning they had encountered some exceptionally rude bullies while playing the popular game last week.

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Autism Doesn’t Make Me Blue: How to Support Autistic People This April

April is a challenging month for a lot of autistic people. The reason, as mentioned in another recent Mary Sue article, is Autism Speaks (or Autism $peaks/A$, as it's often referred to in the community). Their #lightitupblue event takes place April 2nd, intended, among other things, to point out that there are "more boys than girls" with autism despite building evidence that's based on doctor bias and differing display of traits.

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An Open Letter to Robert De Niro

This is hard for me to write. You see, I’m autistic and, as is often the case, it’s manifested over the years as intense interest in certain specific topics.

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Why Skylanders Do Not Speak for Autism

When I first learned that Activision was releasing a special set of Skylanders toys to promote Autism, I was hopeful – being Autistic myself, I’m always up for some positive representation. Then I saw the pictures of the toys, and that ominous white and blue color scheme, I got a really bad feeling. I checked out the articles to confirm my suspicions, and I felt my blood boil when I saw the name of the organization Activision was partnering with – Autism Speaks.

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What Girl Meets World Got Right About Friends, Family, and Autism

Over the last 20 years, television for teens and pre-teens has changed pretty drastically. In the case of Disney Channel’s Girl Meets World, currently in its second season, I think these changes have been for the better.

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Meet Sesame Street‘s First-Ever Autistic Character, Julia!

"Elmo's daddy told Elmo that Julia has autism, so she does things a little differently."

As an aunt to a nephew and a niece on the autism spectrum, as well as several of my friends either working with or having children with special needs, pop culture that's inclusive of them is really important to me. So, I was thrilled today to see that Sesame Street has introduced its very first autistic character!

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Fiskal Responsibility: How a Supervillain Did Right by Autistic Characters

Being part of a marginalized group and looking for representation in pop culture can be both entertaining and incredibly frustrating. Because there are so few explicit examples, there’s lots of fun to be had devising headcanons--that is, one’s own interpretation of content never made explicit in the text—but as much fun as that can be, it can be disheartening thinking about all your favorite (in my case) autistic characters and then realizing 90% of them were never confirmed as such.

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Microsoft Has a New Program to Hire People With Autism

Microsoft is making a push into an area of diversity that doesn't often receive a lot of attention with a new initiative for the company to hire people with autism.

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