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Spock vs. Spock Makes for the Greatest Car Ad of All Time [Video]

It's rare that a TV commercial rises to the level of high art, but damned if Audi didn't just nail it right here. In nearly three minutes of Spock on Spock action, we've got the following: Chess, swearing, Leonard Nimoy singing "The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins," a 'hand against the glass' gag, and even a Vulcan nerve pinch for good measure. And if you're wondering which one ends up being the one true Spock...just kidding. You weren't really wondering that, were you? Don't feel bad, though, Mr. Quinto. Leonard's just been at this a lot longer than you have.

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Astonishingly Detailed Papercraft Audi A7

In what can only be an attempt to one-up the knit Ferrari, Audi approached designer Taras Lesko to create a model of their A7 completely out of paper. The task took 285 pieces of card stock, creating 750 individual pieces of the car. Amazingly, he used no special tools; just laser printers and X-Acto knives. The full 245 hours of construction are compressed in the video below, which has the astonishing affect of making the car seem to rise out of Lesko's desk. Watch and be amazed.

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