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These Fantastic Zelda Propaganda Posters Will Turn You Into a Hero of Hyrule

Just try and resist the spell of graphic artist Fernando Reza's gorgeous Legend of Zelda "propaganda." Designed to evoke old-fashioned wartime calls-to-action, you're sure to feel a patriotic rush to save the Kingdom of Hyrule from Ganon and rescue the Princess. I haven't felt this motivated in ages.

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This Gorgeous Fanart Shows the Women of Marvel Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before

Illustrator and colorist Michi embarked on an ambitious, four-year project to bring Marvel's superheroines to life in glorious bursts of color and strikingly vivid lines.

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This Wonder Woman Fan Comic Adds an Unexpected and Hilarious Twist

I'm having a bit of a Wonder Woman moment, and as I scour the interwebs for Wonder Woman-related content, this delightful fan comic has fast become my fave. I keep returning to it every time I need something to smile about.

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This Comic About How Girls Actually Play With Dolls Is So Spot-On

This comic pretty much describes my childhood and maybe explains my life thereafter.

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Support Sexual Assault Survivors By Purchasing Some Powerful Sweet/Vicious Fan Art

Just because Sweet/Vicious was cancelled by MTV doesn't mean its fans aren't still making a difference. One fan in particular, Brittany Dailey, has taken her Sweet/Vicious fan art and translated it into real, concrete support for sexual assault survivors.

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Denver Comic Con’s “In Memoriam” Artwork Tribute to Carrie Fisher Is Absolutely Breathtaking

Warning: emotions ahead.

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Interview: Jessica Johnston Launches “The Pushpin”—a Site Designed to Feed Our Comic Art Addiction

Have you ever come across an artist's work, in books, on comics pages, or online, and wished that you could "have a print of that" or "hang that on your wall?" Well, former journalist and current proprietress of Papergirl Press, Jessica Johnston, is here to answer your prayers with her new endeavor, The Pushpin, which just launched TODAY!

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Lilly Wachowski Painted Portraits of the 27 Trans People Murdered in 2016

Today, the Chicago's Center on Halsted opens a special exhibit by filmmaker Lilly Wachowski titled "Say Our Names" which will run through July 11.

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In No Way Does Kathy Griffin’s Violent Anti-Trump Photo Represent “The Left”

These aren't the acts of the political left. They're someone trying desperately to be edgy and relevant, and you can despise Trump and still recognize them such.

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“Pro-Feminist” Artist Criticizes “Fearless Girl” By Placing Statue of a Dog Peeing On Her Leg Beside Her, Because Feminism

You know what I love? When people (usually men) insist that they're feminists, only to have their actions prove exactly the opposite. The "Fearless Girl" statue in the Wall Street area of New York City is at the center of some controversy again. This time, she's getting peed on.

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Review: Manifesto Is a Cate Blanchett Acting Master Class, But Little Else

Lately, Cate Blanchett's been in artsy, experimental mode with things like the Del Kathryn Barton film, RED, and now Julian Rosenfeldt's art film, Manifesto. One thing's for sure: she's not boring. I wish the same could be said for a good chunk of this film.

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Gorgeous Artwork Shows Kids With Their Superhero Shadows and Will Warm Your Frozen Heart


Artist Jason Ratliff creates beautiful, touching works that depict the legendary figures we aspire to be as children, and the way we can imagine ourselves as superheroes in play. His creations are a mix of Marvel and D.C. heroes, and they will make you happy-cry.

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These Illustrations Are Absolutely Gorgeous, but Wait Until You See Their Amazing Titles

Please buy me all of the prints.

Concept artist and illustrator Tomislav Jagnjic creates stunning, fantasy-fueled art of distant lands, mystical creatures, and otherworldly beings. Then his work gets elevated to the next level because of the hilarious way he's captioned his drawings. Let's wander down his darkly comedic wooded paths together.

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These Brilliant Comics About Anxiety Are Everything

Dave, a 23-year-old artist on Tumblr, creates comics that portray the human condition through deceptively simple lines and highly relatable animals. His work has become so popular that people are getting the drawings as tattoos.

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Museum of the Moving Image Removes Shia LaBeouf’s He Will Not Divide Us Installation…For Safety

For nearly three weeks, LaBeouf, Rönkkö & Turner's He Will Not Divide Us installation has allowed everyone access to a livestream running 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week broadcasting from outside the Museum of the Moving Image in New York. Passersby were encouraged to look into the camera and repeat the phrase "he will not divide us" as often as they wished (in any way they liked) in protest of our current President's administration. That installation is no more.

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Art Under Fascism: Overcoming Hopelessness and Making Something, Because it Matters

We all need some hope right now. I need it. And the good news is, anyone who has the time and energy to do something can find their own hope.

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Cate Blanchett Continues to Keep It Artsy and Weird in Her Latest Project, Manifesto

It seems that Cate Blanchett is determined to keep it artsy and weird. Check out the trailer for the latest project in which she's involved: Julian Rosefeldt's Manifesto.

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RESIST! Gives (Mostly) Female Artists the Chance to Speak Out Against the Impending Trump Regime

One of my first thoughts after November 8th was that, at the very least, it's likely that a bunch of great art will come out of the next four years. It looks like that's already begun thanks to Françoise Mouly, art director at The New Yorker, her daughter, Nadja Spiegelman, and Gabe Fowler, publisher of the quarterly comics anthology Smoke Signal.

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J. Scott Campbell Creates the Awesome Riri Williams Art We Wish He Would’ve Created in the First Place

A couple of weeks ago, I had some stuff to say about J. Scott Campbell's Invincible Iron Man Midtown Comics variant cover starring Riri Williams, which I discussed as potentially harmful. Today, it seems that Campbell has used the time since the cover was pulled to think about alternatives and has created what is, in my opinion, a superior piece of artwork.

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Frank Cho & Milo Manara Prove They’ve Learned Nothing at “Art and Women” Panel

Stop it. Just ... stop. You're both powerful men and you're both pretty, okay?

For two people who seem to hate what happens when people get offended by their work, artists Milo Manara and Frank Cho sure do seem to be making a new career for themselves entirely built on that.

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