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Here’s Hoping the Upcoming Animaniacs Reboot Stays True to Its Irreverent Roots

And the 1990s nostalgia train just keeps on chuggin'. Next up in We Just Can't Leave Our Childhoods Alone is a reboot of the popular animated series Animaniacs. This is both awesome and concerning, because the thought that always pops up for me whenever I talk about the original Animaniacs with friends is, I can't believe grown-ups used to let us WATCH that! There's no way they'd get away with most of those jokes today!

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Brave New Sharknado? Syfy To Adapt Aldous Huxley’s Classic, Brave New World

Skeptical literary nerd is skeptical.

I'm more of a George Orwell/1984 girl myself, but there's no denying that Aldous Huxley's dystopian view of the future in Brave New World has given generations tons to think about with regard to consumerism, hedonism, and an "on demand" culture way before On Demand was even a thing. And now, it's going to be adapted into a TV show. By Syfy. The network that brought us Sharknado and started prioritizing wrestling even though the network isn't called WrestFy.

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Gremlins Might Be Getting a Reboot, Time to Pray It Doesn’t Happen

Here's a timeless adage for you that all of Hollywood swears by: When in doubt, just reboot a cinematic classic from the 1980s. It's happened before countless times in the past with the end result always being a malformed abomination of what it once was. Having run the well of novel ideas dry years ago, film executives are already on the prowl in their reboot creeper van scoping out unsuspecting '80s flicks they've convinced themselves are in desperate need of a modern makeover. The latest victim they've set their money-hungry eyes on: The 1984 horror comedy Gremlins. Run, Gizmo! Run far away and don't look back!

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