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AIM In Memoriam

AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) is dead. Long live AOL Instant Messenger!

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Facebook Messenger’s Latest Makeover Feels Like an AIM Throwback

Facebook Messenger is about to get a redesign, and it sounds like it'll be a combination of your email inbox and your old AOL instant messenger toolbar.

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AIM Good As Dead After Massive AOL Layoffs Eliminate Development Team [UPDATED]

It should come as little surprise, but AIM is now dead. Effectively, anyway. And yes, up until recently, it was technically alive. Last Friday, AOL finalized layoffs which included the vast majority of the Instant Messenger division. The department was "eviscerated," a former employee told The New York Times, and is now down to nothing more than support staff, so there's practically no chance at future development. All in all, you'd have to have been pretty deluded to be stunned by this, but it's still a little sad for those of us who practically grew up on the service.

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AIM Redesign Gives the Service a Shot in the Arm, a Shot at Relevance

Back when I was a kid, AIM was the premier messaging service. Anyone who was anyone had at least 2 screen names, both involving horrible mispellings, puns, and arbitrary numbers. Back in the days when having someone's screen name (legitimately from them, not just a mutual friend) was more important than having their number. Since then, the advent of social networking has severely changed the instant message landscape and the cyber landscape at large, leaving AIM more or less in the dust. But now, AIM is trying to rise back to relevance with a new redesign, and from what I can tell from its preview features, it looks like it might actually have a fighting chance.

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Gchat and AIM Will No Longer Require Separate Logins

AOL Instant Messenger may no longer be the buzzworthy social media product it once was, but just about everyone over 18 has an account nevertheless. For those people with lengthy AIM contact lists or who work in offices where AIM is still the lingua franca for team communication, but who still use Gmail regularly, AOL and Google have made your life a little easier. Following a rollout taking place over the course of the next few days, Gmail users will be able to communicate with people on AIM without separately logging into an AIM account, and vice versa. To add an AIM buddy to one's Gmail contact list, simply enter their email address as AOL has also made available a bulk importer for bringing AIM contacts into Gmail en masse. (AIM via Google OS)

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