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#NiUnaMenos: Fighting Femicide in Argentina

Femicide is the gender-based killing of women because they are women and the leading cause of premature death for women globally. Buzzfeed news has reported on the state of femicide in Argentina, and it is dire. The country has one the highest rates of Femicide, to the point where it is considered a national emergency.

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French Activists Say It Is ‘Indecent’ to Honor Roman Polanski

In Roman Polanski is trash and people should stop supporting him news, feminist activists in France are trying to stop a planned retrospective of his work from being showcased in a film festival starting this week.

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Jessica Chastain Is Listening, Which Is a Good Start—Here’s Hoping She’s Also Learning and Doing

A couple of days ago, we talked about a Twitter exchange between actress Jessica Chastain and a fan about violent vs. non-violent protest that included Chastain taking personal offense at the fan's use of a Martin Luther King Jr. quote that talked about a specific type of white ally. Yesterday, she posted a video trying to clarify her intentions regarding anti-racism activism and her desire to be of better service.

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At Heather Heyer’s Charlottesville Memorial, Her Mother Reminds Us Of the Important Work She Died Doing

A memorial for Heather Heyer, the 32-year-old woman tragically killed by a white supremacist who drove a car into a crowd of counter-protesters, was held today in Charlottesville, VA. You can watch the entire service above. 

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Here’s Why Kids Need to Play Through Rise Up, an Activism Board Game

One librarian details what happened when she ran a game of Rise Up, in an attempt to teach them about movements and activism.

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Jeopardy’s “Stay Woke” Category Was Less Than Fully Woke

I'll take Bad Ideas for $800, Alex.

Jeopardy's love of puns undermined the very real issues at the heart of this term.

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Things We Saw Today: Those MST3K Robots Have Some Pretty Solid Ideas for Netflix Shows

Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo pitch some wonderful Netflix show ideas to Netflix's "cuh-coh" (CCO), Ted Serandos.

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Barack Obama Makes Us Long For the Days of Intelligent Presidents During First Appearance Since Election

After a well-deserved vacation (and a horrific election), President Obama spoke at the University of Chicago earlier today in his first speaking engagement since leaving office ( and first three months of the new regime), expressing his desire to prioritize encouraging youth to become engaged in their civic duties, and not mentioning the current President's name once.

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Kerry Washington Expressed Her Excitement Over Activism Without Falling Into the Susan Sarandon Trap

Kerry Washington's statement sounds like someone rewrote the message Susan Sarandon's been repeating, but in a way that actually inspires, or at the very least, isn't offensively obtuse.

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So, the Women’s March Is Over, Now What? How About 10 Actions In 100 Days?

As you come down from the euphoria of this weekend's Women's March, you might be wondering how to keep the momentum going. In addition to veteran protesters and activists, the Women's March saw an unprecedented amount of first-timers shrugging off the "apolitical" label to get active, but they might not know where to start. Well, the organizers of the Women's March have a new campaign for you!

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Things We Saw Today: One of An Inconvenient Truth‘s Predictions Has Already Come True

In a recent promotion for Al Gore's An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power, Paramount Pictures released a pretty scary video clip that reveals some of the the ten-year-old predictions from An Inconvenient Truth have already come true.

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Please Don’t Get Lost In Fiction—People Need You

It’s understandable that people would turn to meaningful fictions in a time of mental, emotional, and spiritual need, but seeking comfort in these media has to stop somewhere.

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I’m a White-Passing Latina, and This Is Why I Wear the #SafetyPin

Because of both my white privilege and Latina identity, I am within and without.

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I Accidentally Became a Post-Election Activist, and I’m Not Looking Back

I didn’t set out trying to do good. I was just looking to save money.

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Sorry Allies, But I Don’t Care About Your Safety Pin

I'm black, trans, fighting and tired of fake allies.

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What American Feminists Can Learn from Icelandic Women About Making History

Like American women, Icelandic women comprise about half the population, and have achieved goals like paid parental leave for both sexes and higher education rates for girls. Their methods can work for us.

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What Dumbledore’s Army Can Do Now That the Wizarding World Has Been Taken Over By Voldemort

You know it's a bad morning when the genre fiction you love stops feeling like genre fiction and starts feeling like instructional manuals and self-help books.

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In More Internet Ridiculousness, Petition Started To Get Jesse Williams Fired From Grey’s Anatomy After BET Awards Speech

So good luck with that!

Good luck to anyone who thinks they can tell Shonda Rhimes, Queen of ABC Thursdays, how to run her shows.

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Black and Hispanic Voters Believe Social Media Aids Political Discussion, Awareness

In a survey by Yahoo! News, 5,188 registered voters weighed in with their thoughts on how social media impacts our perspectives on politics and activism. Yahoo plans to delve deep into the results of the survey tomorrow at the Digital Democracy conference, but for the moment, here are the numbers: 74% of black respondents and 73% of Hispanic respondents said that they believe social media has "made political discussion more representative of what Americans really think."

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Activists Paint Stonewall Statues Brown to Resist Whitewashing of History

"Those statues are bronze (brown) underneath the layer of white paint — the symbolism behind that is infuriating."

Anonymous activists just painted over the white Stonewall Riot memorial statues in Christopher Park with brown paint, and fitted them out with dresses and wigs.

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