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Taco Bell Reportedly Testing All-Dorito Taco Shell

Is America ready for a fast food encased in off-the-shelf junk food? The answer is, horrifically, likely yes, as a rumor circulating around various food blogs, indicating that Taco Bell is in the midst of testing a new taco shell made entirely from Doritos. In these chilling images from Grub Grade, the construction-cone orange nacho-cheesier shell can be seen in all its seductive glory. Sightings of the taco have come in from Toledo, Ohio and Wichita, Kansas.

There is no official word as of yet about an nation wide invasion rollout of the cheesy chip shell, nor any information about what flavors will be available. Like the KFC DoubleDown, it’s sure to grab some media attention, though I am more concerned about the precedent it sets. I don’t think my mind could take the prospect of a Cheeto Burger or a Funyun Cobb Salad, but if the Dorito Taco is a success, who knows where it will stop?

Since there is no hope of stopping this gastronomic train wreck, I’m hoping that TacoBell will embrace it and other recent stories on their food with a slogan along the lines of: “The Dorito Taco: 36% meat, 100% Doirtos.”

Read on and be horrified as a man braves the Dorito Taco, on film.

(AOL News via BuzzFeed)

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