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I Tried Taco Bell’s Weird Breakfast Waffle Taco and Cinnabon “Delights” This Morning [Video]

At the very least, I'm still alive to write about it.

By now surely you’ve heard the news that Taco Bell is launching a breakfast menu. It officially rolls out Thursday March 27th, but at least at my local Taco Bell it’s in a “friends and family” test phase where you can try one of the breakfast choices for free. I took their waffle taco for a test drive and lived to tell about it.

Along with the main breakfast menu items being offered you can also get a meal with either hashbrowns or two “Cinnabon Delights.” Since you can get hash browns just about anywhere I opted for the “Delights” which I will continue to put in quotations forever to make it clear that “Delight” is their word to describe these things and not mine.

As far as weird fast food items I’ve filmed myself eating for Geekosystem, the waffle taco falls pretty middle-of-the-road. It’s pretty okay, even with the syrup which I really didn’t think I would enjoy. It’s probably not something you’re going to want to make a special trip for, but even if just for the novelty of it give it a shot.

You should probably skip the “Cinnabon Delights” and opt for the hashbrowns, unless you’re the kind of person who wants to start their day off with some sugar-coated, deep-fried spheres filled with hot goo and regret.

For more info on Taco Bell’s breakfast menu you can check out their official site, or just find a participating location and try some for yourself. It’s on par with any other fast food breakfast, which is to say it’s serviceable, and probably much better if you’re hungover. Maybe I’ll drink heavily tonight and give it another try in the morning. You know… for science.

(via Taco Bell, images and video my own)

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