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Wait. That Disgusting “Christmas Tinner” Meal-in-a-Can Was Real!?

There's no question this man's love for canned food is very real.

A few weeks ago we told you about the Christmas Tinner, a nine-layered canned food product we thought was a hoax for the pure absurdity of it. Over the weekend we got an email tip from YouTuber Steviejacko who claims to have tried it, and he sent us his video review.

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We’re still not convinced this isn’t all some kind of weird marketing attempt by GAME, the U.K. video game chain that’s allegedly been offering the tinner, but there’s no doubt that the above video is of a man eating nine layers of food from a can. Steviejacko told us he purchased the canned feast at the Basingstoke GAME location “before they ran out.”

According to Google Maps, that’s a real place. They even have a Twitter account that claims they’re out of the item as of December 6th

The account also retweeted this picture of what appears to be an employee holding the can:

So it appears that there were at least a few extant cans of Christmas Tinner floating around the U.K. and that Steviejacko got his hands on one. It’s also very clear that he loves it. We’re still not sure it was ever a real product intended for commercial sale and not just a marketing push. The item is listed as “sold out” on the GAME site, and our eBay searches have come up dry.

We also searched YouTube for other reviews of the canned dinner, and have only found this one, and a few short videos promoting it. A few similar products exist for dogs, but as for the GAME Christmas Tinner, Steviejacko’s review is the only one we’ve found leaving us highly suspicious.

In our first post about the tinner we did say that if we were wrong about it being a hoax we would eat our words, and that if we could get our hands on one, the Christmas Tinner itself. Steviejacko proved there was at least one physical Christmas Tinner in the world, but we’re afraid this is something we’ll really have to see/taste/regret for ourselves.

(via Steviejacko)

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