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Supremacy MMA Has Women Fighters… And We Appreciate That

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Supremacy MMA, a fighting game featuring real-life mixed martial arts competitors as playable characters, has made itself the first mixed martial arts game to feature some real-life women.

So we’d like to say thanks, Supremacy MMA, for thinking of us.

I’m a female gamer who specifically chooses avatars who look like they could actually kick someone’s ass, so I really do appreciate the gesture.  But I’d never heard of your game before today, and I’m not going to buy it.

Now, including women fighters in your game was probably not an attempt to bring in women gamers.  It was probably just an effort to distinguish yourself from the slew of other fighting games out there.

But nevertheless, you’ve created some realistic simulation of physically powerful women in a medium where those are few and far between.  So, we think you deserve some attention for it.

Buuuuut we’re still not going to play your game.

(via Eurogamer.)

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