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Zach Snyder’s Man of Steel Being Edited by Zach Snyder Scribe

Mutatis Mutandis

Kurt Johnstad, who wrote the screenplay for Zach Snyder‘s 300, will be taking passes at David S. Goyer‘s script for Snyder’s upcoming Man of Steel. This comes after Goyer will be taking on another reboot — Godzilla — leaving him unable to take on the task of making revisions to his Superman script. None of this is necessarily a bad sign for the Superman reboot; all scripts need rewrites, and Goyer is not exactly being fired. But it is getting closer and closer to production time, and there was that whole thing about Goyer’s non-canon Superman comic story about him renouncing his American citizenship … But really, David Goyer is just too busy to do this right now. However, you might be interested in finding out who else has worked on this script. Hint: He’s a DC guy.

Apparently, another scribe who gave the Man of Steel screenplay a look-see was Jonah Nolan, brother of Christopher, and co-writer of The Dark Knight. So, that’s a trustworthy set of eyes to be looking at a beloved, iconic DC superhero script. And while he won’t be writing the final product, Johnstad is a trusted Snyder colleague. They’ve also reunited for a 300 spinoff, 300: Battle of Artemisia. This also doesn’t look like a “page 1 rewrite,” meaning that Goyer’s script isn’t being dismantled and written all over again. Johnstad will just be providing the touch-ups that Goyer doesn’t have time to do. (Maybe Johnstad will be the one that could prevent Man of Steel from becoming The Crow: City of Angels, which Goyer wrote. And was also a hot mess. No disrespect, Mr. Goyer. But seriously.)

So, nothing to worry about here. Just your typical creative process. But at least now we know that this script is being well taken care of.

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