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Supergirl Recap: Jeremiah’s “Homecoming” Not as Simple as the Danvers Girls Would Like

"Cadmus Creme Egg!" -Winn

image via Cate Cameron/The CW

Alex and Kara Danvers have finally found what they’ve been looking for! Their long-lost father Jeremiah has been rescued, and the Danvers family is celebrating! But this is Supergirl, and this is National City. You didn’t think it was going to be as easy as all that, did you? Of course not. Welcome to Episode 14 of the season, “Homecoming.”


image via Cate Cameron/The CW

image via Cate Cameron/The CW

S2, EP. 14 – THE RECAP

  • THE MORNING AFTER. Apparently, after Supergirl gets some nookie, she really needs to save some people. Mon-El wakes up in her apartment alone, and when he watches the news, he sees that she’s already saved four different sets of people and delivered some puppies. Supergirl comes flying in the window bearing flowers and coffee for Mon-El, then changes back into Kara, very chipper. They agree that they had a great time last night, but whereas Mon-El would like to lie in and spend the day together, Responsible Kara wants them to get to work, difficult though it is. Mon-El tells her that he’d like to wake up with her sometime. Kara asks him to keep their relationship quiet at the DEO so that she can have this be hers without being picked apart by everyone she knows. He agrees  …
  • … and he lasts ten minutes before announcing to the entire DEO that he and Kara are dating. J’onn makes both of them go to HR to fill out paperwork now that they’re dating and Alex alerts them that they’ll have to take a mandatory sexual harassment class. Winn is alerted to a “Cadmus Creme Egg.” A truck delivering a Cadmus weapon is on the move, and so Supergirl and J’onn go to investigate.
  • Supergirl and Martian Manhunter are following the trucks from the air. Martian Manhunter stops the trucks while Kara pulls the cargo box off the truck holding what they assume is the weapon. When she opens it, however, she gets a surpriseit’s Jeremiah! He’s chained and looking injured, but he’s alive.
  • Back at the DEO, Alex and Supergirl walk Jeremiah in to a hero’s welcome. In the med-bay, Jeremiah explains that Cadmus had him in the Amazon for a while before bringing him to Cadmus. They forced him to enhance Hank Henshaw, and he was apparently so good at that, that they kept him alive to do other work. He tried escaping several times, but eventually gave up and did what Cadmus said to keep his daughters safe. Mon-El enters, and they talk about when he and Supergirl were captured by Cadmus and Jeremiah helped them escape. Jeremiah’s hand is now injured because they punished him for helping them. Then Jeremiah, erm, drops the bomb. Cadmus has a nuclear fusion bomb powered by the heat vision they harvested from Supergirl when they put that special heat vision-collecting Occulus Rift on her, and they want to use it to destroy National City and blame it on aliens. He advises that they keep their guard up, because Cadmus is planning something, but he wants to help. When he gets out of the med-bay, Eliza arrives, and they are reunited.
image via Cate Cameron/The CW

image via Cate Cameron/The CW

  • Lillian supervises as Hank Henshaw/Cyborg Superman gets the weapon ready.
  • At the DEO, J’onn asks Winn to track the bomb using the heat signature of Supergirl’s heat vision to track the bomb. Meanwhile, Mon-El pulls Kara aside and expresses suspicion of Jeremiah. He thinks it convenient that Jeremiah has returned (or rather, Cadmus allowed him to be rescued) just as Cadmus has a weapon coming, a weapon that Jeremiah was the first to tell them about. Kara doesn’t want to hear it. Her dad is back, and she wants to be happy about it. She invites him to a family dinner they’re having that night to celebrate Jeremiah’s homecoming so that he can get to know Jeremiah. He reluctantly accepts.
  • At Kara’s family dinner, Alex invites Maggie and reveals to Jeremiah that she has a girlfriend. His response: “Wow. Things have changed.” But when Maggie provides tequila, Jeremiah proclaims her family. Mon-El arrives, and for a moment, there’s nothing but pure happiness. Kara squees to Alex about how she can’t even, she’s so happy. And watching his daughters laughing with their significant others, Jeremiah gets wistful about the time he’s missed. He thanks Eliza for taking care of the girls and holding the bag when he couldn’t be there. He then promises to get right back to his relationship with Eliza, but she wants to take things slow and start something new. They can’t just pick up where they left off after 14 years apart. They need to get to know each other again. He suggests that, in that case, they should just get through dinner. J’onn then arrives, thrilled that his friend is back. When Margaritas are made, Kara toasts her adoptive dad on his return, and Jeremiah reveals that he’d like to return to the DEO to help them stop Cadmus. Mon-El can’t keep his suspicions to himself, and he ends up antagonizing Jeremiah. This pisses off Kara immensely, and she throws Mon-El out. As Jeremiah escorts him out, he says, “I know who you are” and says that Kara would not be happy to know the truth.
  • At the alien dive bar, Mon-El tells Winn about his suspicions, and Winn agrees to help him keep an eye on Jeremiah. Lyra shows up and starts canoodling with Winn barely registering Mon-El’s presence. She is raring to go. Damn, woman!
image via Dean Buscher/The CW

image via Dean Buscher/The CW

  • The next day, J’onn gives Jeremiah a tour of the new DEO, then gives him a pass card and asks him to get to med-bay. Instead, he hacks into the DEO mainframe. Winn sees this. He then tells Mon-El, who join forces to tell Kara. At first, she doesn’t want to believe it, but then she looks as though she might be changing her mind. She approaches Jeremiah and asks him about what he was doing as Alex approaches. Jeremiah explains that he did use a “workaround” to get into the mainframe when he old ID didn’t work, because he wanted to look at old case files to catch up on the time he missed with his daughters by any means necessary. Winn confirms that he’d only looked at case files. Alex is now pissed at Kara for second-guessing their father.
  • Kara confronts Alex, telling her that they might indeed have reason to suspect Jeremiah. Alex, however, has accepted his explanation and blames Kara’s sudden changed opinion on Mon-El. Kara insists that it has nothing to do with him, but Alex tears into her, saying that maybe she’s not a part of the family after all. This cuts to Kara’s core, and she can’t believe Alex is throwing her adoptive status in her face. She insists she is family, and Alex demands that she “act like it!”
  • At the alien dive bar, Winn and Lyra continue to canoodle and play darts and Mon-El shows up to interrupt. When Lyra departs with a “Hey, Winn’s Friend!” Mon-El sees that Winn is a good partner to her and confirms that he doesn’t want to be a horrible partner for Kara. Winn advises that he actually listen to Kara. She doesn’t need protection, she needs someone to be there for her. Winn then gets an alertthe DEO has tracked the fusion bomb.
  • When Alex and Supergirl take a team to the location of the bomb, they burst in … only to not find anything there. Suddenly, Jeremiah starts acting super shady and takes the DEO elevator to the mainframe. As he puts a drive on the computer to snag files, J’onn arrives, seeing that Jerimiah is “a Cadmus man after all!” THEY FIGHT, and J’onn learns that Jeremiah has enhanced himself, giving himself some kinda Six-Million-Dollar Man bionic arm. He knocks Martian Manhunter out with that arm, and proceeds to escape with the drive, taking files from the DEO with him.
image via Cate Cameron/The CW

image via Cate Cameron/The CW

  • Later, as he’s recuperating from the fight, and Supergirl and Alex return from their failed mission, J’onn tells them that Jeremiah is enhanced. Alex realizes that her father has indeed manipulated them. Winn reveals that he placed a tracker on Jeremiah, and asks that no one get mad at him.
  • The DEO tracks Lillian, Jeremiah, and Cyborg Superman to the woods where they are rendezvousing. Just as Jeremiah has handed the drive over to Lillian, Supergirl and Alex arrive, hoping to take Jeremiah in. However, Cyborg Superman has set explosives on a nearby train track on a bridge, causing a huge section of the track to fall out. Supergirl goes to deal with the oncoming train as Alex stays to deal with Team Cadmus.
  • Supergirl saves the train by welding the track back together with her heat vision. If this superhero thing doesn’t work out, she totally has a career in construction.
  • After being delayed by Cyborg Superman attempting to fell a tree on her, Alex chases after Jeremiah. She stops him and confronts him about his betrayal. As always, he explains that he’s doing this “for her,” but won’t elaborate. Alex is hurt. She insists that she’s taking him in, but he says that she won’t be able to take him alive. He dares her to shoot him, telling her that he’ll understand if she has to. However, in a pure Point Break moment, Alex can’t go through with it, and she lets him go. (Seriously, I totally wanted her to be on her back aiming at him, and then as he runs off, shoot her gun in the air and go “AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!”)
image via Cate Cameron/The CW

image via Cate Cameron/The CW

  • Back at the DEO, J’onn checks on Supergirl, and she expresses her worries about the future. She worries that all this will change everything. J’onn assures her that it most certainly will, but he believes that will make them stronger.
  • Alex is at her apartment drowning her sorrows in alcohol. Maggie comes over and tries to find out what happened with Jeremiah’s “first day,” but sees that it clearly did not go well by the way Alex is drinking. She stops Alex from drinking any more and asks her to confide in her, but Alex can’t talk. She cries instead, and falls into Maggie’s arms.
  • Kara is doing some crying of her own at her own apartment, balled up under a blanket on the couch. She grants Mon-El entry through the unlocked door (I guess, when you’re Supergirl, you don’t worry about home invasions too much?), and he comes in, asking her how she’s doing. Just as he’s about to suggest something or give advice, he stops. Instead, he listens (finally), and asks her what she needs from him. Right now, she only needs him to hold her, and then wake up beside her in the morning. He can do that. Their sweet moment is interrupted by a call from Winn, who tells Kara that the files Jeremiah stole were the National Alien Registry. The personal information of every alien in the country. Not good.
  • At Cadmus, Jeremiah asks Lillian if they “still have a deal,” and Lillian confirms that they do. Together, they look out at a big, black spaceship they’re building.
image via Dean Buscher/The CW

image via Dean Buscher/The CW

S2, Ep. 14 – THE REVIEW

Supergirl continues its solid streak with “Homecoming,” featuring the return of Dean Cain to the proceedings. The episode, written by Caitlin Parrish and Derek Simon, was a perfect balance between overarching plot and more intimate character moments. I love how complicated things have gotten with Jeremiah, and that this storyline allowed for each of the characters to develop.

I was thrilled that Kara really started addressing the fact that, despite his feelings, he doesn’t listen to Kara. What’s frustrating is that it took a dude telling him to do it for the idea to finally sink in. Hey, I should listen to my girlfriend to understand her needs! *sigh* They sure are sexist on Daxum. Still, I’m glad that it did sink in, and that he went to comfort Kara in the way she needed to be comforted, not in the way he saw fit. I hope this change in him starts to stick.

Alex was heartbreaking in this episode, and Chyler Leigh killed it performance-wise. There’s a lot of praise heaped on Melissa Benoist, and rightfully so, but Leigh shouldn’t get lost in the shuffle. She’s a wonderful actress, and her performance in this episode was riveting. The chemistry between her and Benoist is solid, and the Kara/Alex relationship continues to be the most fascinating thing on the show.

I also love how Winn has, and continues to evolve. He’s gone from being my least favorite character on the show to being awesome, and Jeremy Jordan’s performance has a lot to do with that. Note for Supergirl, though: MORE LYRA PLEASE! I hope that she actually becomes a real character and isn’t just there to constantly paw at Winn.

I’m really curious as to why Jeremiah has teamed up with Cadmus and what that means for the future of the Danvers family, and I’m looking forward to seeing this story play out. Also, they really need to get to Mon-El being the Prince of Daxum, or whatever he is. Also-also, I wonder if this has anything to do with the President of the U.S. Remember when she alien-ed out at the end of the episode she was in? Yeah. She’s still running around.

Something else they need to get to? James Olsen. This is the second episode in a row where there was no James whatsoever. Now, Mehcad Brooks may well be on vacation or something. But I’m really hoping they figure out how to write James better.

Overall, “Homecoming” was a solid, entertaining episode that propelled the show forward in a huge way. What did you think? Let’s chat about it in the comments below!

Supergirl airs Mondays at 8PM ET/PT on The CW.

(featured image via Cate Cameron/The CW)

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